If That's How You Feel...

If That's How You Feel...

Tyson has no tolerance for homophobia. Let him explain.



Let me start with Ben this week. I heard he said some really not nice things about being gay. I have no tolerance for that. To me, that's almost like calling a black person a n*gger. I'm not having that. I don't want to endorse that. If that's how you feel, then get out of my house. I so wanted to run up in his ass about that, because that's not cool.

People need to see that it's not cool. Ronnie had to go to him and say, "Look, I got beat up for my sexuality. It's not cool for you to talk bad about my sexuality," and it's not! There are a lot of other people who have gone through what Ronnie's gone through where they've gotten beat up or were called names because of their sexuality, and that's not cool.

I have cousins who are gay and I've had to stand up for them and literally knock dudes out, like, "You've got a problem with my cousin just because of the way he is?" Dude, I will hurt you for that, don't say that. Without Ronnie, Ben would have been out of this contest a long time ago, and to get to a point where he turned against him?


Casey's walk is never going to change, and it's not his fault he's pigeon-toed, but in this business you can't be. Can you imagine Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell being pigeon-toed? What designer is going to want him? He looks great, but he's boyfriend cute. The word "supermodel" is a big word, and I hate that everyone uses it so loosely. You can't hand it out easily, or else you're degrading everyone who was a supermodel or who is a supermodel.


Frankie's been having it tough. I think the pressures of this competition have gotten to him, and he's gotten bad. He was sent home by a photographer, and any job where you get sent home is bad for you, it's bad for the client, and it's a bad look for your agency. That right there is a big no-no.


Holly's got a great look and she's a great girl, but a lot of great-looking girls end up saying, "This business isn't for me, I'd rather do something else." I hope I'm wrong. If Holly wins this, I guarantee you she won't last in this business, because her skin isn't thick enough. She seems a little weak, and to me, you can't be weak in this business.


I feel like we'll get more out of Perry. He could really this all the way into stardom. I think 10 years down the line, Perry is going to be like me. He's going to go into acting, he's going to be a great actor, we're going to love the movies that he's in, and we're going to say, "This kid came from Make Me a Supermodel." I started off acting before I got into modeling. I just never got that role, so a friend of mine recommended I try modeling for a while, and I was like, "This acting thing isn't working out, I'll try modeling now." I jumped into it, and the next thing you know, I started working. I've gotten to the point now where I get scripts sent to me, and I can go on auditions and do well at them and impress people enough to get a callback.


You know, that kid blew us away this week. Holly may have won, but Ronnie blew us away.


I've never really been as big a fan of Shannon as everyone else. She's too tall, she's really lanky, and I've never liked her look. Everybody else seems to think she's got something, but I'm not sure I see it. There're times where she does well, and then there are times where I'm like, "How are you still in this competition?"

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