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In the 'Yard

Tyson says goodbye to Casey, and critiques the remaining models.

Casey's off the show, but he'll work. He'll do things, but as far as being that overall supermodel, he's not it and he knows it. He knew that from the day he got here and he was just happy to learn what he learned. He's a good kid.
In terms of how all of these kids will fare after the show ends, we've put out some great models. I don't think any of the ones the public has voted off so far are going to end up being supermodels. I don't know if they're going to be household names, but they're going to be great models.

But let's get down to this week.



Ben's only got two looks, so a graveyard was the perfect place for him. He did his thing in there.


Holly did well too. She's an overall versatile girl, so you can basically put her anywhere and she'd be alright. She's definitely a winner, and it looks like she could win this whole thing.


Perry did well. He's dealing with some issues right now with his girlfriend. He's got to deal with all of that when he gets out of here. I've lived through that for my whole career, with people just putting things in the paper that aren't true. You just gotta suck it up and know tomorrow will just be another scandal. Tomorrow it'll be somebody else, and something bigger. All you've got to do is ride the wave and it'll all die down.


Shannon didn't do so well. We'll find out how it goes. She's going up against Ronnie who has a lot of fans behind him. He's very popular, so I worry about her.


Ronnie did alright, he didn't do that well, obviously, because he's in the bottom. What was so great was that he was honest about it. He told the truth when he was asked who should be in the bottom 2. I was like, wow! I think it was great because he knew he didn't do so well. He put Shannon and himself in there, and to me, there was no better pick than them.

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