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It's a Competition

Now that only six models remain, it's every man and woman for themselves!

BRAVOTV.COM: We're beginning to see the models really feel the competition and compete with each other personally -- what's your take on that?

Well,it's a competition! And, now that we are down to six models, any little mistake can cost you the contract. I am happy that these kids have formed friendships but now it's every man for himself (and every woman for herself). These models are here to win.

BRAVOTV.COM: This episode was about video. What's the challenge that comes with that?

Video is an entirely different medium then still pictures. And it's the future. Almost every job I do these days, even if it's a print campaign, the client requires that I put the casting on video. Why? Because they want to see the model's personality. They want to see that the model can move, that there is a lack of stiffness. Quite often, I am asked to put models on tape in groups so that the photographer can see how they interact with one another. A model can be amazing in a picture but horrible on video camera. You wouldn't believe how many models are uncomfortable on camera. I have had clients choose their top people and in the on-camera callback, they lose the job because they are so stiff and uncomfortable.

BRAVOTV.COM: Looking back at the competition so far, what have been the biggest surprises for you?

Hmm... I really never thought that Ronnie would make it this far. He really is an amazing person and has the most incredible ability to listen and deliver what we are asking for. I mean, have you not seen an insane transformation from the guy in the casting special to the model in the Ben Sherman suit on the turntable? Ronnie will always be more classically good looking than edgy and cool -- but he certainly taught me that he has a range and can deliver more then just what I would expect from a good catalogue model. On a personal level, I have learned a lot from him as well. He is the most beautiful communicator and has such a calm demeanor.
BRAVOTV.COM: What did you think of Frankie?

To be honest, I thought he was so annoying in the beginning! Also, I wasn't sure if he could get past the "Fabio" thing. He was good for the Miami market, but I questioned whether or not he could succeed outside of it. Frankie really grew a lot in nine weeks. I was actually really sad to see him go. I think I will be seeing more of him. He will continue to grow as a model and get better. He is a great looking guy with a beautiful body.

BRAVOTV.COM: Walk us through the models this week.



I am frustrated with Ben. I love the way he looks and I really thought he could do this, but I am feeling that I was wrong. It just doesn't seem like he wants it as much as any of the other models. He puts on clothes and he doesn't feel comfortable. According to Wikipedia- "a fashion model is used mainly to promote apparel and must express emotion in their photographs!" Ben just doesn't believe in himself and after this week, seeing how he just couldn't wear the clothes well, much less attempt to sell the clothes, I was disappointed.


Another one that I believe in and want to do well. He made me so proud with his first catwalk. It was PERFECT and I didn't think he could do it. It's very difficult when you are really pigeon toed. I don't know if he can deliver different facial expressions yet but with time, I know he can do this.


She did very well. She looked so gorgeous on the catwalk and really did justice to those gorgeous dresses. The acting thing is a bit more of a challenge to Holly but she really gave it a good shot. I still don't find her completely convincing in this realm but she will get there.


I don't know- I feel that Perry is trying his hardest, that is for sure. I just feel that sometimes he opts to entertain us rather than accomplishing the task at hand. I do think that he can act, but I don't really see his look as versatile. It's always the same in pictures.


OK, the first walk was horrible- he gave me mortician or butler, but the second walk was perfection! Ralph Lauren always casts his campaigns as if he were casting a film and looking for a leading man. To me, I thought Ronnie walked right out of the Great Gatsby. Ralph's suit looked like it was tailor-made on him and he wore it with such pride.


Her catwalk wasn't as perfect as it usually is and she didn't leave us in awe the way that Holly did -- but I thought it was okay. She was great in the video lookbook- probably because I feel Shannon doesn't have a problem letting go and taking chances. She's not afraid. This might sound strange as people perceive her to be reserved and lacking personality, but I feel it's true. I also don't think that everyone has to be a jokester. I like Shannon's no bullshit, straight up, "this is the way it is" attitude. It's sincere and is who she is. I think it was this quality that people really appreciated when she was walking around modeling at Bloomingdales.

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