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It's ALL Chemistry

According to Tyson, it's what makes the world go 'round.

Chemistry. You've definitely gotta have it and be able to give it out because it just helps things flow and move things along. Let's get right into it.


Perry and Casey, wow, who knew you'd put these two together and they'd just blow everybody away. The catwalk helped them because Perry's walk is so much better than Casey's -- it actually took the attention off Casey. But I know Casey's walk, so it doesn't get away from me. I see it.

Katy and Ben really stepped it up. They both smoke cigarettes, so they're always constantly off on their own smoking together.

Aryn and Jay was a sad one because that chemistry wasn't really there. Poor Jay, poor Aryn. They basically shot each other in the foot. The thing about that was, Jay stepped up and took the blame. He was a man about it, and I can respect that. Aryn sat there on stage, and when we handed out the bottom three she just started crying because she knew she messed up.

Ronnie and Shannon did a great shoot. Everyone you didn't expect to do well, did well.

With Stephanie and Jacki, who knew Stephanie was going to step up like that? She took control of the whole situation, and Jacki's lucky for that.

I told everyone to leave their differences and their loved ones at the door, and Frankie and Holly didn't, and it turned out to hurt them eventually.
We also got Tyson on the phone this week to ask how he's doing with the show. Here's what he told us:

This is pretty good for me, I'm enjoying it. I'm not looking for what makes good television, I'm fighting for fashion. I'm not going to keep someone because it's good television, I'm going to keep them because it's great fashion. We've heard a lot of the audience saying that it's nice to finally know more of your personality, having seen you in photos for so long.

I guess the people being introduced to me now are mostly white, whereas before I already had a large minority fanbase, they were always there for me. It's cool, and it's great because I'm definitely reaching a broader audience. These are people who've been watching Bravo for years who are just figuring out who I am, so it's good, it's kinda nice. Our sibling-site has really had a huge following of this show, and they're big fans.

I've always had that gay fanbase, and I've always appreciated them for being there for me and having my back. I just love it, I'm a straight man and I'm saying I love my gay fanbase. And they know it, they know I'm real. There's no faking it with them, they know who's real right off the bat. I'm just ecstatic, I'm at a loss for words, all I can say is thank you.

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