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Jennifer Responds to Viewer Comments!

You've got questions? Jennifer's got answers!

MARLO WROTE: Hello Jennifer, I think I remember when Holly had her haircut you questioned why did they cut it off. Do you still feel that way? I think her whole look changed?

Hi Marlo! Yes, Holly's look did completely change but I happen to really like it! I think it really compliments her face. She is so beautiful! I did like the bob as well but i suppose it was very limiting. What do you think?

BRITT WROTE: Can you explain how it was "hurtful" for Frankie to wear the clock at elimination? He said either it was time to go home or time to go on. How is that "hurtful"?

Hello Britt, I thought Frankie wasn't taking the elimination seriously. For some of these kids, this is their dream and being voted off the show is really a huge disappointment. I thought his actions were not very respectful of the others being put up for the vote.
BELLA WROTE: I thought your comment was a little rude when you said that Shannon makes everyone look good. I don't think Shannon is all that great. I think she's too tall and her body is shapeless.She is not that pretty either. Everyone looks too short next to her. And Frankie, to me is one of the best male models.He is the one with the most versatility and look. Is he the panels new target? Shannon is NOT all that. I thought she was a defensive when she was critiqued last week. Does she think she's perfect?

Hello Bella. Sorry if you thought my comment was rude. Shannon is a great model and she actually has a really good body for runway. She is very aware of the shape of her body and the clothes always look beautiful on her. You are right, she is very tall and that will often work against her. However, there are many working high fashion models today that are very tall. Niki herself is 6 feet tall. She probably would not be cast in group shots but for singles and some runway, she will do well.

Frankie is adorable, I understand why you like him. He has to be careful, because from a fashion industry standpoint, he is not very versatile and quite often his immaturity shines through.If the panel has new "targets" you must remember that every week we have no choice but to put three people up for the vote- the three that performed the weakest. This is a competition. We actually don't enjoy critiquing these models. We are really trying to help them realize their dream and get to week 12 but we must now carefully look at every move made and every mistake can, unfortunately cost someone the competition.
JULIA B WROTE: Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a very sharp eye on things. When you judges keep saying "All American look", how could you help Ronnie change? Ronnie's hair style is very plain, forgetable. Could hair stylist give him more European hair style?

Hi Julia B, i am so glad that you enjoy my blog! Good question about Ronnie! I think it would help him to give him a bit more of an edgy haircut. We did that, but it's not enough of a difference. I also think he needs to trim down a bit- instead of lifting and bulking up, he should be running and leaning down. I told him that and I think it's helping. It's also about attitude and not being such a smiley kind of guy. I love Ronnie. He is such an amazing person.

My comments are truly based on what he will experience in this industry. There is nothing wrong with being "All-American" and having traditionally classic looks. However, if he seeks to be versatile and do more then catalogue, we need to help him become more "edgy." Almost every photographer (as well as the designer he walked for) said they wouldn't cast someone as "commercial" as he is. I would love to know your thoughts as he changes over the next few weeks. Thanks! JEAN PACHOTA WROTE: I think your opinion of Perry is so off base. I feel he is proud of how he is doing so far. For you to say he is arogant, I don't see it. I think he is confident that he is doing well and the judges have been giving him that kudos since the beginning. Just because he is proud of his work so far doesn't mean he is arrogant. I think he stay's away from the girl's to show respect for his girlfriend.

Jean Pachato: Hmm.. I think my comment about Perry was that Casey, who had to walk with the same animal, did a much better job! Unfortunately, sometimes the American public (due to the editing process) does not get to see all that we do and does not hear all that we do. So, you must trust us when we say things that don't really make sense to you. Perry has been doing really great but his attitude has been getting really big and he SOMETIMES does not treat people with respect.

There are many people working on photo shoots- hair and make-up artists, drivers taking you to the shoot, caterers,- i believe, as do the other panel members, in treating everyone with the same amount of respect no matter who you are or what you do. It is very easy to think you are really above it all when you are doing well and everyone is making a big fuss over you. People need to remain humble. Everyone is a human being and deserves to be retreated with respect. Perry is great and just lost sight of that for a moment.

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