Learning So Much

Learning So Much

Jennifer teaches the models, and they teach her, too!

BRAVOTV.COM:First of all, how has this week gone so far for you?

This has already been a tremendous learning experience. Part of why I love my job is the fact that one minute I'm being sent to Australia to find surfers, and the next minute I'm being sent to China to find beautiful Chinese women for the Pirelli calendar. I've done what I do for fifteen years, and I have gotten used to my life and my routine -- so to learn the process of how to make a television show that shoots one weekend and airs the following Thursday is a completely new experience. I feel like I have a day job and a night job.

The surprising part is that I'm learning so much from these kids. I knew I was helping to teach them a thing or two, but they're really teaching me a lot. Sometimes I really don't think what I do is important as others see it to be, and I don't see the impact of it on people. I've almost become nonchalant about it because I've been doing it so many years, to listen to these kids and to hear that this is the most important thing to them and know that this is their lifelong dream and they'll do anything to accomplish it, makes me realize that I really do have the ability to change the direction of someone's life and to fulfill a dream.
The dedication towards accomplishing this dream is amazing because, you know, I find somebody and I cast them, and I don't really see the process that they go through between the moment I discover them and then three months later they're on a billboard, what they're going through. Sometimes they drop me a letter saying, "Thanks so much, you've changed my life." But other times I'm just one person in that process of them becoming successful, and there are so many of us that they never send a letter or acknowledge.

And these kids, just the nature of joining a reality competition show, they really have to want it. I'm sure other kids want it, but wouldn't go the extra step of actually putting themselves in front of the American public, and subjecting themselves to who knows what. It's already been incredible.
BRAVOTV.COM: Well, let's get right down to it and talk about each contestant.


I think is really interesting because she could be a bit of a chameleon. I see her as one of those, given appropriate wardrobe and hair and makeup, I think that she can transform into different things and go into different directions. I don't know if a lot of them have that ability and I think that's what makes her interesting.


I love Ben's determination. He lost twenty pounds after he was chosen for the show, and that might have been too much weight because you can see a little of it in his face. To lose so much weight in a short amount of time is not so good, but it does show that he's totally committed to whatever he needs to do in order to win this competition.


Casey's a great looking kid with tremendous potential, and I feel that he's having a lot of fun with this competition. I also feel that he knows where his weaknesses lie, like on the runway, but he doesn't focus on what's bad about him, he focuses on his strengths, and I see this as really important. I was definitely very verbose about his first runway training session because he went from walking sort of normal to this walk that I've never seen before, but during our first show he agreed to wear the g-string and I thought that said a lot about his personality.


I think Dominic has a very cool look. I see him a little more as an actor than a model. I think he's got a really intense stare that I'm not sure is relatable. I would like to see if he's got more than one look because versatility as a model is very important. He does have great style and often times thats very helpful and inspiring to a photographer or stylist.


He's definitely the character among the group. I think he's really handsome and very confident and I think he's been putting in a lot of effort. I hope that we are able to push him in different directions so clients can see him as something other than just the south beach surfer because he definitely comes off as that, and if we could sort of transform him into different characters hopefully clients will see him as more than he is right now.


Holly already looks like a model to me. The stylish haircut and the way she holds herself. I would just like to see if she could give us a little bit more because I feel she's come into this having modeled a little bit, and she did well on the catwalk and on the photo shoot, and so I don't want her to coast.


I think Jacki's a beautiful girl who gives a lot to a photographer and she's got a great walk. I think she's definitely one to watch. One of my concerns is if she can wear makeup well. I think she looks great naturally.


I think Jay is a lovely person and I think he takes direction very well. I feel he really needs to become more secure with who he is so I can feel his presence in a picture or on the catwalk. He lacks that. In the picture there was no sense of self, he lacks confidence. It's important to be humble, but it's also really imperative to be self-assured and that you can communicate that in a picture. The interesting thing is I see him walk down the catwalk and this man has a great body but I feel like he's not even aware that his body's so great.


Katy is so sweet and I think maybe she belongs on TV. From what I've seen, I'm not sure her proportions are totally right for the catwalk, and I'm a hundred percent against a girl struggling to lose weight when maybe she'll only work a little as a model.But I think she's got an adorable personality and is really sweet and I think she's a really pretty girl.


A broken foot kinda guy, that says it all. He certainly wins the award for best disposition. The man had a broken foot and most of us didn't even know it. He never complained and still did a brilliant job. I thought he was a little low energy on the runway, but that is something that is easy to change. Perry might be a little too editorial and I feel like you really have to walk in both commercial and editorial worlds in order to be successful.


I find Ronnie incredibly sweet and genuine, he's just a lovely guy. He's got the classic, all-American looks and a fantastic body and I think he could work well in the commercial world but it might be challenging for him to cross over to the editorial world and I really think that that versatility is super important.


Sarah is a cute girl. She faces the challange of having difficult proportions- she has a long torso and shorter legs so she will have to be very aware of that and what poses work best for her. I also haven't seen enough to know. She photographs well, but I don't think her face is very symmetrical.


I like her uniqueness and her fearlessness. She knows who she is and she's not afraid to communicate that to us. I cast many fashion shows, and girls can come up with a very interesting look that could potentially work for you, but if they don't fit the clothes, then there is nothing you can do. Her hips and that she's six feet tall might be a challenge in that way. There are girls who are this tall who walk the runway though so it is not impossible. Edgier photographers and editors might really like her uniqueness.


I think she's a super cute girl, and I think she's got a great attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing how she does in the future because I haven't seen many photographs of her, and I wanna see if she's got versatility, if she can give me many different things. But I think she's got a lot of potential, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she can give us.

Bravotv.com: You've mentioned here that you sometimes think that some of these contestants should be actors. When you see that in a model, do you encourage them towards that?

Yes I do. If I see somebody who's really interesting, who's got that quality about them that I think would allow them to be a good actor I encourage them to pursue acting and to take acting classes. That person really has to be fearless. The nature of modeling means that you have to be aware of yourself and your movements on camera. Really, acting requires the exact opposite, you need to be able to let go of your image. Often times I will recommend some commercial agents to get them started doing commercials prior to like, a legit agent who would send them into movies and TV roles and things like that.

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