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Me Being Me

Ronnie learns the "All-American Look" isn't always rewarded.

Before you read this week's diary, we asked each of the models to send home a video Valentine, and here's what Ronnie came up with.

Dear Supermodel Gods that be,

The photo shoot this week was especially challenging and frustrating to say the least. The directions were clear in the beginning, but I felt that they were lacking during my photo shoot with Holly and Frankie. In the future, to avoid confusion and based on Tyson's advice I am going to ask more questions to the photographer to ensure that I am giving what s/he is looking for.

In life, I have learned that you cannot play the blame game and that we are all half responsible for what happens to us. We teach others how to treat us through our action and inaction and knowing that simple fact will help avoid becoming the victim of any situation. The catwalk this week was all about bringing characters to life and telling a story.

Ben and I chose to walk with each other and were to transform into 'Rock Stars'. We worked very hard on our routine and tried to take big risks, but apparently it backfired on us because panel was not amused. In fact they tried calling Ben out for potentially sabotaging my performance because he had immunity, but I know for a fact that this is not the case. He and I have made an agreement to work as a team and our word and handshake is stronger than any force in or outside of this house, that may wish to see that bond break. Period.

I find myself in the bottom three again this week not because I didn't give it my best effort, but because of my 'All American Look'. I must admit it is frustrating to hear panel say that without offering suggestions on how to change. I want to break free of only catalogue work and into the world of high fashion. As I watch others around me being slowly deconstructed by criticism, blatantly spinning stories and lying before the panel, and allowing ego and immaturity prevent them from moving ahead, it is my job to focus on me. Cory emphasized the importance of not losing yourself and specifically told me that a good walk is what I am lacking. So, I have some work to do and with America's support I intend to deliver the goods.

Wishing everyone a very happy Valentine's Day, especially to those who have loved ones overseas and are unable to spend it with them.



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