Missing My Girlfriend

Missing My Girlfriend

Frankie has the best walk of the week, but still misses home.

I miss my girlfriend so much, baby I love you. The week started with Sarah getting eliminated and the rest of the contestants going through hair transformations. My hair got trimmed and highlighted a little more. The next day we had a photo shoot with Sarah Silver, hanging from a roof in a courthouse. I had a blast and my photo came out pretty good. Sarah and I vibed very well.

That night all models sat down and together had dinner. Some people ended up getting their feathers ruffled. The week ended with a fashion show. We got the honor to walk with Heatherette. How amazing! I wore animal skin with beads and feathers that just barely covered my front and back, and a long strip of feathers and fur all along my back. I looked hot.

We then went in front of the panel and they told me I had the best runway walk out of all the guys and that my picture was great. Katie, Ben and Dominic went up for the vote, so lets see what happens. Baby I love you.

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