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Model Rundown

Tyson checks out this week's line-up.



Aryn was just chillin' back there. The panel said she did fine, but I didn't think she was all that, I'm not very impressed with her. But then, I'm not so easily impressed.

Ben Ben is doing badly, he's in the bottom three. He's a good-looking kid, but his walk is so terrible, it's not even funny. He's got this weird walk, it's almost military, and I can't seem to get him to stop doing it. No matter how much I work with him, he just still does it.


Casey is the same thing. His walk is terrible. I can name the guys with a terrible walk: Casey, Ben, and Dominic. Those three guys have the worst walks I've ever seen, and it's so different from their regular walk. I try to tell them, "If you don't change your walk soon, you're gonna be out of here." My other panelists seem to think these guys are getting better, but I don't think so.


Dominic's makeover helped his look, which is definitely where he's lacking, I mean, he's got that one stare. His walk is definitely the worst part though. For a guy who's supposedly a DJ, he's got no rhythm.


Frankie's cool, he just doesn't know when to turn it off. He gets annoying after a while. Overall, I don't see Frankie in it. He makes great TV, but I'm waiting until the pack is thinned out a little and then I'll get down to the meat of who really needs my help.


Holly got a haircut and it's good, but even with the haircut I didn't think she was as strong as she was last week -- but not everyone's gonna be on it every week.


Jacki did well. She really did. You know, she could've won last week, but she chose not to wear the bathing suit. So, she kinda knew she had to step up and impress me and the panel. She did so poorly last week when everyone expected her to do so well. It should be easy for her, Jacki shouldn't be messing up at all. Models are going to be put into things they don't want to wear, but you do what needs to be done.


Jay is definitely coming around. I'm seeing it and I'm proud of him, but he has to grow up quicker. He's nowhere near as bad as Ben, Dominic and Casey though. Whereas Jay has all the body parts, the abs, everything. And if they all could look like Jay, that'd be alright. If I could have abs like Jay, that'd be alright.


It's tough on a girl in this business. She's a cute girl, she's the kind of girl that you'd want for your girlfriend, she's the kind of girl you'd see a movie with, but high fashion? I don't know.


Perry is high fashion. Sometimes, people just need shaping and molding, and they turn into something big.


Ronnie's still got that cheese factor. He's cheesy, you can't get rid of it. He's great, he could be good commercially, but I know how far he can go.


I don't see what everyone sees in her. She's a tall girl, and if you take away that height -- she doesn't have much else.


Stephanie's my sleeper. She's a little too quiet, I'd like her to be a little more boisterous, I want her to start to command things. Stephanie's problem is that she doesn't have that confidence yet.


Sarah's gone home. And Sarah's a decent girl -- she's going to do well as an actress. Maybe do some commercials, make the most of a couple TV shows. She's got the goods to do that, but as far as high fashion, no. She'd be a great Maxim girl, guys are gonna want to see her topless.

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