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Models, Retirement, Puff

Tyson explains the differences between modeling and acting.

Modeling is just a little form of acting. It's basically acting without speaking, so you have to try and put out a story in a different way. The photographer put Jacki and Perry together. With their on-going beef in the house, I was glad they got a chance to work their differences out. Once they were done, they had a lot of newfound respect for each other. Everybody got to vent, and with Jacki, being able to slap Perry, she was able to get it out of her system. She got to slap Perry and get away with it.

With Katy, you can't just keep someone in because they're nice to look and you think they have a nice body. That's not what this competition is about. We're not looking for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit girl. If we were, then we had the one, but that's not what we're looking for in this contest.

Ben did alright this week, but at the end of the day I'm just not sure he has what it takes. He's just not what it is. I'm trying to find somebody to fill my shoes, and I don't know if Ben can fill my shoes. He and Ronnie have a little alliance going on, and together they make really good TV, but ultimately they might not have what it takes to win.

Holly gets better every week, but I just don't know if she's tough enough for this business. I think after a year out in this business, she'll fold. So it's like, do I wanna put somebody out there who's only gonna last a year? Or do I want to pick somebody who will last for many years. Stephanie didn't even try. It's at the point where, if you don't want it, the other people eliminate you. I'm disappointed with Stephanie because she hit us with, "Oh, I'm about the art, I'm about the art," and it's like, yeah, you did really well with the art stuff, but that's it.

Jacki's great, and Sports Illustrated and La Perla and Victoria's Secret may be waiting for her. I respected Jacki's choice to work alone, because if you're by yourself you've got nobody else to blame. That was kind of cool that she did that. She didn't want to pull anybody else down or get pulled down herself.

Perry can act, he can hold a conversation, he can host a show. To me, out of all of what we have, right now I think he might be the closest one to being it. In the beginning I thought all the guys would get knocked off and we'd just have Perry competing against four girls, but it's been the other way around. The girls have been getting knocked off and the guys have been left. There are 4 girls and 5 guys left. In the end, I think it might be Shannon and Perry. You gotta think about it like, we're in a business dominated by nothing but women, but now the tables are turning. Casey wasn't so bad, but his walk ain't never changing. Nikki was saying his walk got better this week and I'm like, "What have you been looking at?" To me, his walk has not changed and he's good for pictures, and he's alright in everything else, but, to me, he just might not be it either.

When you're a male model working with women, it is your job to make them look better, but you've gotta eat too. When I used to go to my photo shoots and was paired with women I would try to work even harder than them to try to steal the show from them. Instead of just playing a role I wanted to ride hard.

Designers are saying Shannon is a little too tall, but at same time, so was Niki Taylor. Frankie tried really hard in the acting thing. Maybe that's what he should start pursuing, because as far as a high fashion model, I'm not sure.

There was that whole controversy with me and Puff not being friends, but you know what? There's a problem right now in fashion, there's a lack of color. So, we made a stand as two black men in fashion. We all got together and we stomped it out. That was more important than his beef with me, that went out the window. It felt good to go back to work with him. The kids have some misconception like, because I'm 37 I can't do it, when it's like me and Naomi Campbell can run circles around you. That's why the person who wins this has to have that same longevity, because a male model can go to at least, I mean, I've worked with guys who were 65. Guys can go that long. With women, they come in for a few years, make a ton of money and then you don't see them anymore. They marry rich and then that's the end of it.

I won't retire because, like, Jay-Z retired, but if the job is right, you do it, you come back. If the ad is right and it's meant to be, then I'm going to do it.

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