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Models Slash Actors

This week, the models learn that making the switch to acting isn't so easy.

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Casting four fashion shows and two campaigns left me with little time., but I'm back with you again. This week, our models were given the "acting" challenge. I think it's really difficult for models to make the transition to actors -- you wouldn't think that was the case but I am often asked by clients to find models who can really act and it's a challenge. I think models are taught to really be aware of themselves and how they look. They study their movements and their best angles. On the other hand, actors really need to be much less aware of themselves. Actors have to be willing to take chances and make a fool of themselves and not be so concerned with how they look.

You have to learn how to let go., and this is not easy. I am constantly suggesting to my friends that are models that they take acting classes. It really helps and it's the best form of therapy that I have ever experienced. I studied with Susan Batson -- and it was an amazing experience. I think it helped me to better understand what it is to be an actor -- which in turn helped me to be a better casting director. If a model is a good actor, I can guarantee that their modeling work will benefit from it and they will be capable of doing better pictures.

Of course, once you are a great actor, you make the decision not to model anymore because you want to be considered a "serious" actor.
I think most of our models did really well with the acting thing. I mean, they are on a national television show and although it is a reality tv show, I do believe that there is a certain amount of "performing" for the cameras. The real challenge is to be told to become something far from the person they are and see how they fare.

I will say this about Katy. When I first saw Katy, I thought, "what is she doing here?" She just was not a high fashion model, or a runway model. As the weeks went on, she actually taught me a bit. I thought she looked so beautiful at the shoot in Yonkers and quite often she really gave it her all. I think she is adorable and I believe she really should pursue acting -- because she has a quality about her that people really like. However, my first impression was the right one- Katy is not a high fashion model in today's world. I really don't think it's about her weight. I knew she would hear time again that she wasn't right, that she was too sexy, that she needed to lose weight, that this and that that. I just don't believe that people should go into an industry that they don't meet the requirements for and try so hard to change themselves into someone they are not. The process is impossible and the rejection is brutal. I understand that people have dreams but I believe she would be just as happy on a fun show on the CW that doesn't need her to change a thing. I think, well, I hope, that she learned something from her experience on the show.

I don't think he did as good a job as he good have. He needs to trust himself a bit more and take some chances. Funny, he had no fear in doing sexual pictures with Perry -- which is really putting it out there but then does not believe in himself enough to make more of a statement in this picture with two girls. I think Perry might be a little bit of a safety blanket for Casey and I am interested to see him excel in a situation that doesn't involve his best friend.



He is a good actor. I think whether Perry makes it to the end of this show or not, this is NOT the last we will see of him. It's just the beginning!

What happened? I didn't really understand. Stephanie is an artist and as such should be able to express herself. But, I suppose people are able to express themselves in different ways and not always all ways. If she can learn how to transform herself a bit more it would really benefit her. The artist Stephanie can excel, it's who she is. This challenge was to be someone else and I am not sure she is ready to go there.



I think Holly was good. I think Holly is always good. I am waiting for Holly to be GREAT. I am wanting her to blow me away but she never makes a strong enough statement.

He wasn't given as juicy a role as the others but he did well. I think in his real life, he has been taught to not be very expressive and considering this, he is doing well. I really want Ben to continue taking acting classes. I believe in this kid so much. He already has come some far and i just want him to keep going.



I love this guy. Acting should not be difficult for him because he is so in touch with his emotions and so expressive. I am just concerned that, similar to Katy, he is often going to be told that he doesn't have the right look! He's so handsome but his look is not modern or edgy and he has to prove he can be versatile. The choices that he has been making are not helping him look anything but what he is- commercial. I know it sounds crazy to the rest of the world to say that someone is just so normally good looking that he won't have a versatile career but it's the truth. Kind of like when we say someone is just too sexy. I would love to have the problem of being too classically good looking or too sexy! But, in today's world that just might make you a great catalogue model, or a fantastic soap opera star, but NOT a supermodel!

I think Frankie did ok with the role that he was given. I think out of all these models he has the worst case of "modelitis". If he can let go of the notion that he is the hottest thing ever, I think he would really benefit from it. I also didn't like that I heard that he came to elimination with a clock around his neck. I don't think that he thinks about his actions possibly being hurtful to others.



This girl is no nonsense! She can deliver. She did exactly what she was told to do by the acting coach and by the photographer. I don't think she is controlled by ego at all which allows her to really deliver as an actor. Most importantly, Shannon LISTENS and learns. On top of all that, her catwalk was amazing! She was old Hollywood! Her body composition was flawless and so beautiful to watch. I felt bad for frankie.


She did really well. Of course, it is a lot easier when your arch nemesis is in front of you egging you on! Did she need to act?

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