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My Favorite Moments

Tyson looks back on an amazing season.

Of all the contestants, I wish Aryn had gone further in the competition. When I saw her at the reunion, I was like, "Wow." She just looked incredible.

My favorite moment of the competition was hearing who the winner was. Naomi coming to the set was my favorite day of shooting. From seeing the kids' reaction to just having her on the show. She's got such great energy, even though people say she's mean, she's so far from that. I have to say that was one of my favorite days.

This show just pushed me over the top. I was good in my neighborhood before, because nobody knew who I was, and now it's like they step out of the house and yell like, "Hey! Who's getting sent home today?!"

The best advice I can give an aspiring model is to learn the business before you get in it. Just like anything you do in life, you need to learn about it first. People who become reporters, writers, computer programmers, lawyers -- they go to college and study their profession. There's no real college for modeling, but there's always a way of studying the business and learning about it before you get into it.

The reunion was cool. If I were hosting I would have asked Ben and Ronnie to just kiss now and get it out of the way because ultimately I think the fans are just waiting to see that.

Next up for me is probably another TV show named Supertunists, where we basically put fashion into cars. Or I'm going to do a couple films. I've got about four or five scripts to look at.

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