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My Hometown

Ben escapes elimination, and gets to visit his hometown.

I can't say how much it means to me that I was voted back in -- it's an amzing feeling to have the support from America. Thank you. Ronnie and I got back to the house and soon found out that we were going to New Orleans. I was the most excited because that's where I grew up. We got in late, but we got to our hotel in the French Quarter. The next morning we went to the photo shoot location which was in a grave yard. It was one of the many places that New Orleans is known for. We met our photographer Christopher and he explained the feeling behind the shoot an bought in our prop raven Dennis.

I was so excited to be doing a shoot in my home town, I dressed up in all black and my makeup was almost ghostly. My 1st shoot was Perry, Holly and my self. It started out with Holly being the main focus then Perry and then I switched to me and the raven was on my shoulder. It was fun to express different emotions and I got a chance to play with my face.
I then got the chance to watch the other shoots. Shannon did very poor and while watching Perry and Holly, I realized that Holly wasn't really feeling it, she was just passing. I felt that Perry and I were really getting into it. At the end of the day there were a group shot that ended up turning into a group shot with the guys.

It was fun to shoot with the other two guys because their was good chemistry between us, and we knew we could get a great shot. We went back to the hotel to change so I could show them a good time. I took them to Arnaud's which is great place on Bourbon Stood cuisine. Then to top of the night we strolled down Bourbon St. the next day we left pulled up to a home site, we were working with Habitat for Humanity, to help rebuild Cherrie house.
It meant a lot to me to help someone who was affected by Katrina because most of my friends and family were in here same situation. So we started hammering and cutting, by the end of the day we built several walls, it was gratifying to see our work come together, and to see how happy we made Cherrie. We signed her walls and even tough it will get covered up she knows its there.

We had to leave which was hard for me to do, because it felt weird to be in New Orleans and not see any of my family. At the end of the week, Holly won for the week which she didn't deserve. I felt as though it was my week to win, and she did and It blew my mind. But at least I was in the top.

Ronnie and Shannon were in the bottom two and I'm not worried for Ronnie because I feel as though he is a better model than Shannon. I hope that America sees that as well. On top of that no one knows who Shannon is, or know anything about her. I think Ronnie deserves to come back over Shannon and I hope that you'll think so too. April, I love you.


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