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Need to Start Realizing

Tyson looks ahead and wonders what's in the models' future.

The most surprising thing for me in this whole process has been just seeing these kids blossom into adults. I never thought that we'd be, like, raising these kids. I knew we'd be mentoring them, but I didn't know they'd really look up to us like this. Like Perry, Ben, all the guys, they all look up to me, so I have to set a good example for them so they can go out into the fashion world with all the knowledge and skills in tact.

Frankie was a great kid too, but he just wasn't supermodel material. He'll do ok in the business, he'll make some money, but it won't be a long career.

They need to start realizing that this competition is going to come to an end, and that someone is going to win. Pretty soon they're going to have to figure out how they're going to feed themselves, whether they're going to pursue this career or they're going to go back to whatever they were doing before. That's very important, and I want them to know they're about to go back into the real world and they'll have to adapt to it after living in this nice house, rent free, being driven around in a Mercedes.


Ben has just been up and down for the past few weeks. I'm taking it as the guy's missing his wife. I would be too if I were a newlywed like he is, and he's been thrown into this huge city, and it's rough, man! So, the poor guy is going through it.


Casey is having it rough. He's just not able to deal with what's going on. He's a great kid and he deserves to do well in the modeling business, but we'll wait and see.


I don't know about Holly. She's a great looking girl, she could be something big, she's just got to be able to tap into that inner self of hers and be able to branch out and say, "Ok. This is what I want to do and I'm not letting anyone stop me." She needs that determination and will to fight, and she doesn't have it. She's starting to get it, and I've tried to be on her more because I want her to succeed, but I don't know if she's got a thick enough skin for this business.


Perry is built to do everything, he's just got to know when to be on and when to be off. He seems to have forgotten his on and off switch. There's never a time when he's not excited enough, but sometimes he's too excited and we have to tone him down sometimes.


Ronnie is a great kid, and he's going to make somebody a great politician one day. He's got the words, he understands what he's doing and he's an articulate guy. He'll be a great model, but I think he'll get to the point where it won't be satisfactory. He'll be like, "I need to do something bigger than this, I want to make a difference, I want to make a change." That's when I think he'll go into politics.


I'm not sure Shannon has what it takes. I think she's too tall, I don't think she really has control of her body, but she looks the part. She looks like what a model should be. There are few girls who are at her height, and we've heard from a few of the photographers that she might be too tall. I think that might hinder her with certain things, but if you send her to Europe I think she'll work.

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