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New York Minute

Dominic congratulates Holly on her exciting win!

Wow, what a great finale!

Congratulations to Holly, probably the most experienced model on the cast. She had it the whole time, and everyone knew it, including America. I'm so happy for her. She deserved to win. I found this episode to contain some of the more true aspects of modeling that we hadn't seen yet this series.

The average day of a model traversing NYC via taxi and rail to hit as many castings calls and "go sees" as possible is a huge part of the New York model life. The audience truly got to see the idea of a "New York minute" in fashion modeling and what its like to be a model trying to make it around a normal day in the Big Apple.

Now I'm just waiting on Perry to get his keister back to the westside so we can have a night out in tinseltown, but I think He, Amanda and their puppy (you could hear it on the phonecall) have a little of bit of catching up to do.



PS. I did the online model personality quiz, and of course I ended up as myself. "I come off cocky but that's because I know I have what it takes to be a star." LOL loving it!

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