No Longer a Secret

No Longer a Secret

Ronnie lets the cat out of the bag!

Dear Supermodel Gods that be,

This week began with makeovers, my girl Sheridan at the famous Cutler Salon transformed to high fashion James Dean of 2008. Afterwards we suffered through compassionate torture at the hands of Susan Giminelli's team for waxing. My crush on Ben is no longer a secret and he and I are becoming closer friends every day.

We had a great photoshoot with Sarah Silver; I was suspended in mid-air and my fear of heights was challenged successfully. Our band Serenade is working on a new song and we are sure that it is going to be a chart topper. My gay card is in danger due to the fun us guys have been having with lighting our flatulents on fire, and it has been great fun!!

Truths are beginning to surface and drama is heavy in the air. This week's catwalk was fun, but yet again a challenge for me. I think I need to focus on selling the clothes rather than letting my nerves get the best of me. I'm happy to be recognised by the panel as someone that has potential to be a supermodel and I hope America sees that in Ben as they vote this week as well. All my love goes out to my friends and family, especially my Mom.

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