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Not a Dry Eye

Sarah's so happy for Holly she could cry.

WOW! There's no secret that Ms. Holly's talent for modeling was SUPER; but now she has the SPREAD and the BREAD to boot! I do have to admit I felt like a proud mother when the title was announced. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. As much as America loves those boys...even the gays couldn't resist that Southern Belle. Way to go girl!

And what a way to go out with a bang! I mean, Jessica Stam!! I love me some Naomi, but Stam is where it's at. I also have a high regard for sending the final four on the streets of NYC to work it out like even the best do. Running from one go-see to the next is the recipe for booking success, and they were finally able to taste the future that lies before them. There is no doubt in my mind that all three boys will book like crazy. My sympathy is one thing they don't have.

So, after all is said and done and the models return home, the scenario plays (in my imagination) like this: Ronnie will pretend he's still single and ready to mingle but he'll have a boy in Bangkok, Milan, Paris, and London all while being the reigning face of Ralf Lauren. Benny packs up the home and wife, bids the prisoners farewell, and books it to NY a.s.a.p. to model in the nude as much as possible. Mmm. Maybe even a little monkey dance for Ginch Gonch? Perry and his lovely make the cover of "In Love in LA" magazine while all the ladies swoon as he banks for every hot designer on the west coast. Oh and Holly- the newlywed climbs to the top of the charts on and lives happily ever after; squirrels and all!

Oh! And I took the Model Quiz: I was me (of course) and in the boy's quiz -- Casey was my main man!

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