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One Minute of Mayhem

Ben loves the excitement of Fashion Week.


As usual, the week began by us sitting around the house waiting to see who was coming back. I was genuinely shocked to see Jay go home over Katy. After that, we went to Bryant Park to meet Niki and see what fashion week was like. It was so amazing to walk in and see all of the people. Niki said that there was a lot to look forward to this week.

So we got to go to the Blue Fin to celebrate it was such a fun time getting a chance to get out of the house and let loose. We both got gift bags from the show that also had cards from home in them. Thank you to everyone who had a part in that night.

We had catwalk training with Debbie and David. I improved on my walk and they were both speechless. Before we left, David had outfits for us that Bloomingdales had hooked us up with. And to make things better -- it was my birthday. It was kind of depressing to not be surrounded by people that you love for such a special day.

The girls woke up early for a show they were walking in -- and the guys went to meet with Scott French. We get there and he fitted us and told us that we were walking in New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park. On top of that I was getting to walk three looks! I was excited about the week ahead.

There was so much good energy and excitement backstage. I didn't get nervous until I was the next one to go out and as soon as I stepped out all of nerves left and were replaced by adrenaline and excitement. Then we got backstage and it was about to one minute of mayhem and changing before we walked back out. It just got better each time out, I felt so awesome about my walk and I was in heaven.
Then we went to the studio for elimination. I was still feeling great from the show that morning and turned over to my "home catwalk" so to speak. We were up in front the panel and they declared me the winner of the weekend along with that came immunity.

I was so happy to win fashion week but then I found out Ronnie got in the bottom three. He had one bad week and he's in the bottom with Katy who has had five bad weeks. I hope America is done sympathizing with someone who is unwilling to do what's necessary to succeed.

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