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Out of Your Comfort Zone

Debbie explains that modeling is about pushing your limits.


This week was all about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. As a model, you often have to work in uncomfortable conditions. Summer collections are shot in the winter, and winter collections are shot in the summer. I once did an editorial in a small village in Brazil.

The only building in the town that had running water was our hotel, a former monastery. The town smelled like sewage, and it was rampant with mosquitos and flies. Bare foot children would follow us everywhere begging for money. The food and water were inedible and we all came down with stomach bugs. We were all in the same boat, and at the end of the day, we all wanted the same thing, a good picture.

Clients want to work with models who work hard, have a positive attitude, are fun and enthusiastic, and have a sense of humor about difficult situations. Models are generally treated very well as the talent, sometimes to make up for the difficult situations we are put in. It is usually the models who have a positive attitude that get rebooked. Of course, everyone has heard stories about certain models (you know who they are) behaving badly on jobs, but for most of us, good behavior is usually rewarded.

Stephanie was not able to push herself outside of her comfort zone last week, and ultimately that is what sent her home. Models can not afford to get self conscious. I am sad to see her go. I thought she had talent. I do not agree that the only week she did well was the art week. Modeling is a form of art, and she was starting to figure it out. Stephanie is very photogenic. Her walk needs work. She walks a little too fast and does not take long enough strides, so the effect is bouncy. With a little more work, I think she has the potential to do well as a model.

The girls seem to be dropping off like flies. These models are going to have to make sure that they have both a good picture and catwalk each week if they want to stay in the competition. Anyone who goes into the bottom three is in danger, but it seems to me that the boys are showing more character than the girls, and part of what makes a model is their persona. For the runway, the models need to practice more. I get the feeling that some of them are staying up late the night before the catwalk day to practice, but not really paying attention to it during the rest of the week.

This week the catwalk was a zoo. Literally. I now not only teach runway, I teach goat whispering as well. The models wore beautiful head pieces, and walked down the catwalk with barnyard animals. Some of the animals were easier to manage than the others. There were feathers everywhere, the goats were definitely not potty trained, it was stinky, and those animals sure could make some noise. We definitely were able to see who composed themselves well and who didn't. It was crazy.



When Ben does not feel comfortable, you can tell. I wish he laughed or something when he was holding that goat. It was so funny, and he had this serious look on his face. He just needs to loosen up!


Casey and Perry walked with the same goat. Casey was able to get the goat to the end of the runway, while Perry could not get her to move two feet. Casey kept his cool, and he looked gorgeous in his head-dress. I can't believe what I am writing...... Casey handled the goat well! This episode was too funny.


When Frankie came into this competition, he had this fun, Latin, Miami vibe. Now, he does not know who he is.


Holly is beautiful, she looks amazing in photos and on camera. This week she tripped on the catwalk, which happens, but she showed it in her face, which should not happen. The judges keep saying that they do not know if Holly has the backbone for this business. I think Holly is strong enough to be successful in the fashion industry. You do not have to be a bitch to be a supermodel. Niki was able to rock a wholesome image.


It is about time that this girl landed in the bottom three. She had the easiest animal to work with. Apparently, her poodle is very famous. She did not pose well with the dog, and her walk was okay, but who wants to be just okay?


Perry was only concerned about how he looked, not about the clothes, or his goat (I did not just say that). He had on an amazing head-dress and you could not even see it with all his shenanigans. He is getting a little too cocky. Hopefully, being in the bottom three will humble him.


Ronnie improved immensely, and benefitted the most from practicing this week. The panel loved him on the catwalk. I am just happy and relieved for him because he has been having such a hard time with the catwalk. He worked hard, and he is improving. Oh, and he was very good with his sheep.


Shannon didn't have her best week. The outfit she had on did not flatter her body, which is not her fault, but I do not think she was aware of how her butt looked. You need to practice in front of the mirror, and if something is not looking great, you need to figure out how to compensate for it. She was trying to make fun expressions because she was carrying a duck, but it looked forced.

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