Dominic recaps a crazy week!


Day one, so much fun overwhelming, nothing undone photoshoots, incahoots modeling roots, Tyson with Niki wearing thigh high black boots.

Black RVs, Dom P's, steaz will put the modeling world on it's knees.

20 hour days, 4 hour nights, what does the future hold? Melodramatic fights.

Tomorrow begins, another day, another moment, another play but only one will get the pay a contract with NY Models & $100k

Day 2 -- After the fire I was a bit blue to my mama's clothes I had to stay true.

I felt a bit discouraged this morning after the somewhat bad reaction from Tyson about "wanting it more" if you put more of your clothes in the fire, but when we got to NY Models & Cory, Niki and Tyson sized up my body the reaction was very positive (except for the fact that I have bird legs).

So getting the positive review from the panel at NY Models definitely boosted me up after the whole fire incident. It's now Sunday morning and I'm thinking about my girl and my puppy. Waking up cuddling with them is definitely something I miss, but I'm willing to sacrifice those comforts to be here in New York & win some $.

DJ Dom P- Top Ten tracks he'd be playin if he wasn't competing for $100 grand and a modeling contract with NYM (in no particular order)

It's a guilt-trip, by Tanya Stephens (Heat wave re-fix)

Reckoner, by Radiohead

Crank dat, Solja Boy (pop rawkus re-mix)

Everything Counts, by Depeche Mode (a live version)

Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg

Harder Better Faster Stronger by Daft Punk (Live 2007 mixes)

Is you by D.I.M

Inside and Out by Feist (Mocky Remix)

Gimme More by Britney Spears

Kalate, by Dusty Kid.

Day 3/4 -- Today was by far the most stressful day, according to the panel, I had one of the lowest scores and was cast into the bottom three. I think I was put into the bottom three due to my over confidence, which some of the panel may have taken for cockiness. All I can really do is wait and hope that the American public will vote me back on the show. In the meantime it's a bit nerve racking and stressful until I find out if I got the favorable vote or not. My goal now is to hunker down a bit, stick to myself a bit more, hit the gym and work on my walk. I'm strong enough and man enough to overcome the hype and trivial B.S, stick it out and stay in the house.

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