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Proving to the Family

Holly comes out a big winner this week.

Well this week started off with only two girls! This is an accomplishment in itself! We were surprised with the winter weekend getaway, but before we got to go, first we went shopping for supplies. We went to Natrona - they are the furniture company who furnished our house. We got to pick out blankets, pillows and candles!

To me, all this sounded like a hot date, instead of a getaway for a photo shoot. After shopping we were surprised again to make phone calls! I called my parents this time, instead of my fiance, even though I really really wanted to speak to him. Talking to my family was wonderful! Besides my fiance, they are my biggest supporters.

Emotionally, financially, they have spent thousands of dollars that they don't even have to help me pursue my dream. My Mom has always been there for me to give me an encouraging word, and they just believe in me so much, so this week I wanted to win for them.
The next morning we left at 3.30am. Our photo shoot was the same day so we were exhausted. After our little road trip, we arrived at Windham Mountain Ski Resort. We were all freaking, trying to guess what our photo shoot would be. Nikki met us on the slopes to explain the challenge. We were to work in teams of two and three, the theme was speed and motion. Ben and I ended up working together. We had never worked together before, so we were both a little nervous.

Our outfits for the shoot were so awesome. We were styled in Ralph Lauren type outfits. This shoot was made to look like a campaign, so we all had to work together, all of that sounded a little too easy, we had props too! Ben and I had a sled....but the catch was, we had to stand on it and slide down the mountain and get a good shot. Ben and I worked great together, we even used Champagne in our photo shoot, we had to balance it all down the mountain.

After freezing to death all day long we were surprised again with a log cabin, it was so nice, it reminded me so much of home, because that's what Virginia is ... mountains, snow and log cabins. We cooked and just relaxed most of the night. Shannon and I made cookies for everyone, and then went to bed... Thinking we would be sleeping in. Ummmmm.... WRONG!!!!
Clay found us in the woods, in the log cabin, he raided our cookie stash, and we had a challenge. He divided us in two teams, Shannon - one captain and Perry the other. Shannon picked Ben and I and Perry picked the rest of the boys. Whoever lost had to clean the house with toothbrushes. Shannon and I were used to cleaning up after the boys, so this was nothing, the teams were obviously uneven, we ended up losing and coming back to New York to clean.


The next day was the catwalk. There was a spin on the things this week, we had to balance ourselves on the turntable without falling. I really wanted the boys to wear heels, because that really was my challenge. I really was so nervous about the catwalk, I was really confident going into it, but this was a real challenge and I wanted to win so bad this week, for my family and to prove that I'm not going home!

The panel seemed to like my photo shoot and my catwalk and their only concern was me being timid, not being able to take rejection in the real modeling world. Which really hurt me because my whole modeling career so far has just been rejection, but I always get right back up and come back stronger. I want to win the competition so bad and I know I can deal with whatever is through at me. I can say all this stuff to the panel, but I guess I will just have to prove myself!!! I won this week!! Oh my gosh!!!

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