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Jennifer relives the season, and her favorite moments.

BRAVOTV.COM: Seeing all the models together again, who did you wish had gone farther in the competition?

Casey and Shannon. But I am really happy with the final four and sadly the nature of this competition is that good models must leave.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your favorite moment, looking back over the entire competition?

There were a few, but I must say that I was so proud of Ronnie when he came out in the Ben Sherman suit looking like a star and I was so proud of Casey when he overcame his fears of the snake and delivered the best pictures that week! I like to be surprised.

I LOVE when people do something that they didn't think was possible. I loved when Tyson came out of nowhere with the "Ben, do you think you are sexy?" question. He was so right! Lastly, I loved any moment when Holly stuck up for herself to those boys!

BRAVOTV.COM: Has it been interesting, having more of your personality introduced to America?

Yes, of course! New models come in to see me on go-sees and say that I am nothing like the person on tv who seems so serious and mean. I guess it's hard for the editors to get us smiling and having a personality while "judging" the catwalk as we are putting people up for the vote and it's a serious moment. I also feel that I have become more relaxed with the whole situation so it's become easier to just be myself. In life, I laugh a lot -- so it's so strange to be perceived so serious.

BRAVOTV.COM: What advice do you have for aspiring models?

Be professional. This is a job. Treat this industry the same way you would if you were an athlete. Show up each season looking and feeling your best. Your not going to be too heavy or too thin when you start a season. Show up with a good attitude or you will be benched! Know what your castings are and go in to them dressed the part. A goth girl perhaps should get rid of the black clothes and eyeliner when going up for a Ralph Lauren or Tommy casting. If you are going up for a sexy show- wear heels and something that shows your legs. Find an agent- just one person that really believes in you. There are many boutique agencies these days so it's not just about the biggest four modeling agencies. DON'T be scammed! So many of these contests and even some agencies are just about scamming you out of money. Make sure the contest and agency you go to is legitimate.

I genuinely feel that if an agency really believes in you- they will lay out the money for you. They will make YOU money, not take the money that you don't have. Lastly- be careful of people stopping you on the street claiming to be casting directors or movie producers. Take their card and then google them and get back to them. Don't give anyone your information unless you know they are legitimate.

BRAVOTV.COM: What are you working on OUTside of this show?

Right now I am casting for the new Lacoste campaign. It was suppose to be models jumping like the last one but they just decided that it should be more about group interaction then jumping. This makes more sense because it's really difficult to get six models to jump and interact and all look good at the same time.

I am casting models and "real" people including actors, dancers, and bands (they already have a great group dynamic). I am also casting the new Kenneth Cole Campaign which is a continuation of the last one- the NON UNIFORM THINKING campaign. We are trying to dispel stereotypes and shine the light on modern day heroes who inspire us as human beings. I love working on this campaign. Lastly, I am casting for the 2009 Pirelli Calendar which Peter Beard will be shooting in Africa the first week of May. We need incredible models who are comfortable in their own skin who are ok running with wild elephants and sleeping in tents at night.

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