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Russian Invasion

Stephanie shares her observations about Fashion Week.


Manhattan has been invaded by Russian dolls and 6 foot glamazons and it can only mean one thing: its fashion week in NYC!

It's the one week where models roam the streets among the real people- they're everywhere, walking around to castings carrying their books, racing to make their next show with charcoal lined eyes- the city is utterly buzzing with everything fashion and it all coalesces in one place- Bryant Park.

Besides all the major fashion editors and buyers are out on the shows- fashion week is invite only so it's basically the most important people in the industry under one roof (or tent). To me, last week really symbolized what fascinates me about this business- the art and creative processes that are integral to fashion. It's truly interesting to me about the business as it relates to myself as an artist.

But this week was all about the glamour! Fashion week is more fabulous and glitzy than ever imagined and let's be honest- this is why most people love this crazy industry and im not immune-it was unreal! As soon as we pulled up to the main entrance people and paparazzi started snapping pictures of us- I couldn't believe it! It was so crazy. We would've ushered through a crowd and random people would call our names out- it's so weird!!

It's so crazy because I forget I'm on a TV show a lot- and so it's totally bizarre to think that people are watching me and know what we are all doing! But I loved all the chaos-it was awesome! When Niki told us we would not only be walking in a real Fashion week show but sitting front row and watching -- I was so psyched! To me, watching was just as exciting- and really move of a learning experience- as walking in the shows. I was about to study some of the supermodels on the runway today!

It was awesome! I love sass and bide clothing -- so going to their show was super exciting and the Juicy Couture face walked in it which was really cool to see. I forget her name right now but she's all over the city. She has brown hair and a doll face- she's in all the juicy campaigns now. We all felt majorly hip when we were taken into the 'W Hotel" VIP lounge before the Herschovich show started, it was so fabulous!
We were all handed hot pink cocktails and free swag as soon as we walked in. We felt so famous-ha, ha, ha! Most of it was probably just in our heads, but it was so cool and such an amazing honor just to be a part of it. Also, walking in the show for "Form" clothing was so much fun! First of all, the pieces are amazing. We met Mia the designer, Jerry Tam, Mio was very eager to explain his vision and what he expected from us when walking in his designs. I absolutely loved my look the baggy cardigan and im obsessed with the hoods he put several of the girls in- they are so warm and cozy!

This week has been unbelievable. Fashion Week was one of the main reasons I was so excited to be part of the show and it has been so much fun! I can't believe I can say I've been a part of it now, I feel very lucky. I never would have been able to do something like this before! Making the runway in front of an audience is the biggest rush- it's unlike anything else I've ever done. I can't wait to do more shows!!
Bofrayn, I can't believe I haven't seen you in so long- I miss you so much!! I look at our college- collage a lot through and it makes me super happy! Rage it for me back at Claremont! Hopefully I can call you soon! Be mine? I love you! Happy Birthday Cassy!

I think I found someone who beats you at the ugly face game but I'd have to have a championship round to make sure. Ive been doing your mating (awkward) dance a lot-its especially attractive in heels and spandex, which I find myself a lot in lately..Holla to Natbug and Anna! Hope hockaday is amazing ever! Alli - im picking up some key "it's a girl" knowledge at fashion week- ill pass it on. Mama and daddy b- miss you and love you!!

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