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So Focused Right Now

Perry is in the zone. Let him explain.


Wow, I mean holy crap. This week was intense.

We all threw Niki a birthday party. All the photographers where there. It was a chance to catch up and have an awesome time. Then we did a video look-book which is sort of like a mini movie representing the clothing line Le Jean De. That was a blast.

We went to Bloomingdales to do some informal modeling. It was pretty cool just to be able to talk to other people for once. And then catwalk day! I knew I had to bring it because this late in the game there is no room for mistakes. The panel grilled everyone so hard.


They basically told me I'll be a great actor but this show is a modeling show. I said that's fine because the past 4 or 5 weeks I've been in the top for the photo shoots. I'm so focused right now I can't even tell you. Nothing will distract me. Hey Grandma, Bob, Mom, Dad, LA and all my boys and my cousin Megan, hope you are doing well.

God is Love,



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