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So Much Growth

Cory looks back on his favorite models, and who he thinks has a shot in NYC!

BRAVOTV.COM: Overall, there was some serious growth this season, who grew the most in your opinion.

I believe that Ronnie and Ben grew the most in this competition.


BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Holly? How has she grown over the season?

Holly grew this season, but she had an advantage over the others, which was her passion for this industry. You are bound to learn a thing or two when you study it the way she did. She knows who the top photographers and stylists are, she knows how to pose due to all the editorial magazines she has devoured and she believes in herself.

Despite agencies rejections to represent her, she never took no for an answer.

BRAVOTV.COM:All of these models say they'll be back to New York any minute. Who will succeed do you think?

I think that Holly, Shannon, Ronnie, Ben, Stephanie, Perry and Casey will all succeed in NYC. All these models still need a little more grooming and development, but I believe that Make Me A Supermodel was a great base for them to learn this business and particularly this market. In my eyes, they will do best.


Ben did a great job catching up to everybody who had some idea of what the modeling industry was about. Ben is a great person with a very kind heart. Ben is NOT a homophobe or gay. He is a southern boy that got taken of his comfort zone and put into situations that I believe some seasoned New Yorkers wouldn't be able to handle. Those high cheek bones and that beautiful body are going to take him very far. I hope that someday you all will have the honor of meeting this young gentleman.


When I first saw Ronnie, I guffawed. I mean the fake tan and the tattoo see-through shirt was too much for me to endure. I can't believe the model he is now. A thesaurus couldn't list enough adjectives to describe him. I know that we, as agents, will get him through the door to meet clients, but he will seal the deal with his personality and charm.


I always thought he would do very well. He needed very little grooming. Charming, bright and very funny! I know he will do well as a model but I can't wait to see how he does as an actor. He thinks on his feet and love that about him. I accused him of being a Player and he is - one with a very caring soul.
I couldn't have been treated with more respect and kindness. It's more than a snuggly bear can handle. LOL!

I heart:

Jennifer Starr, Niki Taylor, Tyson Beckford, Lisa Perrin, Mark Perez, Scott Shatsky, Mel Walden, Andy Cohen, Shari Levine, Eli Lehrer, Johanna Fuentes, Rachelle Savoia, and Zachary Hug.

To my number one fan, Keith Turpin, I couldn't have made it had it not been for your support and patience.

The people I've just mentioned and some many others made me very proud to be a part of this show. All I can say is THANK YOU.

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