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Some Shoutouts

Katy reviews the hectic week!

On Friday we (Ben, Dom and I) woke up @ 7 to go to the stage for elimination. After we got there, we waited for about 30 mins, and walked onto see the panel. Dom was eliminated. Cory, Tyson and Jennifer all chimed in to say they had each noticed I'd been working really hard on my diet and exercise.

After they said that, it was like something totally clicked inside my head that totally changed my confidence level. From that moment on, my confidence had shot through the roof . It reminded me of how long I had wanted to be in this position (be on the show) and also that all my hard work had paid off. I knew my family would be so proud of me because I was about to show the world how bad I wanted this and not hold anything back. I had a feeling that the next few days were going to be amazing.

Before I left, Tyson came by to say his goodbyes for the day. He told me he was proud, keep up the good work and kissed my right cheek. I was completely on Cloud 9! Later that night/afternoon we went into Soho to shoot us walking down the street and then we went into Reiss to meet Niki and Lyndon (head of Reiss clothing store). We had a casting session in Manhattan where we had to pose with the other house models because this weeks challenge was on 'chemistry'.

Day One:

- Woke up @ 7

- Hotel Chelsea

- Met Tyson and Diana (photos)- only a bed in the room!

- Ben and I = partners, I had sexy curly hair with smoldering bedroom eyes.

- Changed into 3 or 4 tops (bras) *cute outfits*

- I was nervous but knew I had to give it everything I had - I wasn't going to ruin my good week!

- All or nothing baby!

- I was very relaxed while shooting and very confident the whole time.

- I knew we pleased Diana and Ben was extremely professional, we had a great time.Day Two:

-Gym with Clay - he's proud of me because he sees changes! Yay!

-I think Clay is the perfect trainer for me! He knows when to push you, yet take care of you@ the same time. I really like his wife Elizabeth too!

-Sunday night = phone call! I called Houak around 10pm and it was so nice to hear a familiar voice, someone who knows me. He told me about how he's lost 10lbs by doing cardio, he's studying for school etc... My brothers have apparently become famous at their schools which I hear they are milking it


- Daddy, Tiff and Bobo - I love you all so much and can't wait to come home and have breakfast with Daddy and Starbucks with Tiff. Give bobo a kiss for me!

-Grandmama and Anna - can't wait to go shopping on sats, to catch up on girltalk!

-Mom and John - I miss playing pool and home cooked ribs! You'll have to catch me up on all the great movies I've missed out on! Happy Birthday John! I love you!

- Ryan, Clay and Brody - I miss you more than anything. You are who I come to see to make me laugh, or forget about a bad day. Rudy loves you all very much and I haven't stopped thinking about you since I stepped off the train! Clay, don't give Tiff any crap. Ryan don't give Clay a hard time - try to make things easier around the house. Do your homework and wear seatbelt. I'll see you soon and I love you very much. Brody - Sissy loves you very and I can't wait to come home and play. I know you've gotten so big since I saw you last and can't wait to hear your laugh. I love you bobo!

- Aunt, Donna, Uncle Steve, Heather and Clampitts: Thank you so much for always pushing me forward, never wanting me to hold back and making my mind as strong as it can possibly be. I love you and think about you cheering me on every day!

- Tasha, Katrina, Tim, Carley, Shay, Lisa and girls from Peds Clinic (i.e Shandi) Thanks for always pushing me forward when I felt like I couldn't move another inch. I'm proud to be your friend. Thanks for always making me laugh - see you soon guys! -Houak - thank you for always believing and never doubting. You pushed me harder than I pushed myself sometimes and I am so grateful and I love you. I'm proud/grateful for all the wonderful times we've had and for everything you've taught me. I grew into a woman because of you. You're so close to my heart and I'm so proud of you, see you soon Bub! Katy. X

Day Three:

- Equestrian with a fetish theme

- Ben and I = partners

- Hair pulled extremely tight into high horsetail

- Makeup for girls was bright on the lids but dark around the outer areas (orange, pink, brown, black)

- Last minute wardrobe malfunction: I was still getting dressed when the show started! Ben and I didn't have time to rehearse, so everything on stage was of the moment. I tripped over Ben's foot finishing at the end of the runway - hopefully nobody saw it!

- Panel was impressed with our 'chemistry' this week and we made it through to the next round!

- Tyson said he's not sure I have what it takes to be a supermodel, but that maybe he could be wrong. He really hurt my feelings and I realized at that moment that no matter how many times someone says something nice or how I had improved, it wasn't good enough for him. I like Tyson as a teacher, and I think he's done amazing things.

-I don't care what he thinks of me because I know in my heart I'll prove him wrong one day.

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