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The Catwalk and The Catch

Holly lives it up during Fashion Week!


Week 5 started out perfect! This week's assignment: the Catwalk and the New York City Fashion week!! Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe it -- that is my dream! I've spent the past years just watching the girls on TV and seeing them in the magazines and to actually have a chance to be there is amazing!

We got to watch two top designers Alexander Herschovich and Sass and Bide! The shows were amazing and I was freaking out because I felt like I knew these models. I watch them on fashion TV and I see the campaigns and to actually watch them on the catwalk was a privileged!

Our first fashion show -- the line was called Form and Jerry Tam was the designer. His clothes were freaking awesome and the dress I got to wear stood out from everyone else's so I had to match the dress with a great walk!

I was so nervous before the show because I knew the panel was going to be there to watch and we were getting judged on it, but when I got out there it all went away I just prayed I would fit in with the other models.

The guy's catwalk -- I seriously haven't been more proud -- I almost started crying because I was so proud of them, and they all did so good! Right after the guys show was the catwalk! The theme of the catwalk was New York City grunge and rock and roll!
I absolutely loved my outfit again! I kind of looked like the bride of Chucky, but a very cool one. I got second best this week again! Very exciting to say the least! I was really hoping to win because this week's assignment -- This is my dream. I was just happy Jerry Tam the designer of Form said he would book me again! So that is an accomplishment in itself!

Clay introduced us to kickboxing! Umm..Can I say my arms snapped off right after working out! I still can't believe where I was a year ago and then very blessed!

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