The Confrontation Began

The Confrontation Began

Frankie hits the ground running.


So the week starts off with an amazing photo shoot with Lee Struckland in the middle of Times Square and my picture came out amazing, except for my excess hairy legs.

The next day we end up throwing away clothes in a fire and I got rid of a sentimental article of clothing which was my hat that my girlfriend got me for my birthday. That made me sad.

After all that, that night we went to a GQ Party and it felt like it rocked. I met a lot of really cool people, and networking. On day three, we did runway training with Deborah Dedening and I think I improved my walk some what.

Then Perry went to the hospital to check on his foot and it ended up being broken, but he is staying in the house.

Day four was the fashion show, that we were training for and we wore bathing suits designed by Marke and Roven. Two people wore a thong on the runway and then we walked. Jacki was supposed to wear the thong and chickened out. Then we went to the panel and they told me to fix my walk and my attitude and that my legs were too hairy, but I was the one having the most fun LOVE YOU GUYS.

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