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The Exploration

Shannon lays down the law with the men of the house.

Before you read this week's diary, we asked each of the models to send home a video Valentine, and here's what Shannon came up with.


Week 6 was all about exploring the model as a storyteller. We all had to take on a variety of roles within our assignments and act they out truthfully and convincingly. I think a good actor or model should become what they are portraying rather than pretend to be the part.

This week's photo shoot with Jonathan Bookallil was wild! We were put into groups of three and asked to act out a scene. I was with Casey and Steph. Casey was cheating on his girlfriend, Stephanie, and I was the other woman who simply enjoyed getting caught in the act. It was a lot of fun.

I did well, but Jonathan didn't think much of Casey and Steph's performances. He thought Steph could have been more angry and aggressive. All I know is that she pulled out a big chunk of my extensions, so I consider that to be pretty aggressive. I know the pictures look sexy but it was really the most awkwardly uncomfortable position for my body to be placed in. Jonathan said, if it hurts, then it looks good... he wasn't lying. All - in - all I loved the photo shoot.

Also this week there was a bit of a revelation in the house. I became fed up with Casey, Frankie and Perry and their attitudes around the house. So I sat them down and talked to them about how I thought they act immature and disrespectful.

I know they're not bad guys but they needed to open their eyes and start being more considerate. I don't know how deeply the talk affected any of them, but I do know they've been making an effort to tone it down. Maybe they're just appeasing me but I really don't care as long as they stop giving me a headache. The best part of the week was the catwalk, we were asked to pick partners and tell a story. Frankie and I decided to work together and tell an "Old Hollywood Story." He and I worked out choreography the day before, which ended up not at all matching our costumes. We had to rework the whole thing on the fly (with Debbie's help) but it was a success. We were each characters from completely different old Hollywood films who were fighting for the stage.

He and I had a good time preparing and performing but the panel thought I out-performed him. I did very well for myself this week and as a result I was the winner. I'm proud of myself but I really just can't wait to get next week started.

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