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The Final Four

Jennifer bids farewell to Shannon, and sizes up the finalists.

BRAVOTV.COM: As we get down to the finals, what is the mood on the set?

The four models left are all really good and all really want to win this competition. I must say though, I would think at this point in the competition, there would be some mud-slinging, but these kids are really taking the high road. I am very impressed. These four have a lot of class.

BRAVOTV.COM: What has been the most suprising thing for you about this process?

That's it's really not easy to "judge." Critiquing someone's work is difficult enough- try critiquing someONE and not something! It's very difficult. Giving constructive criticism in one thing, but telling someone that they are not cut out for this crazy business, when it's their life long dream, is really so hard. Another thing that really surprised me about being a judge on this show is how much things really change. One week, I felt someone should get voted off because he just does not have what it takes, and the next week he brings it all to the plate and convinces me that he should be the winner!

I guess I have been taught not to "judge" too quickly and to remember that things can change. There really is a huge learning curve here. Models can learn and grow and improve and completely do a 180. Things truly changed from one week to the next.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Shannon?

I really liked Shannon. I liked her no-nonsense personality and, unlike my other panel members, I was not offended by the way she defended herself. I actually found her to be extremely professional and very genuine. I don't believe everyone has to be a performer and have a huge personality. I feel very strongly that Shannon will be modeling in NY very soon. She will have a successful career in modeling.

BRAVOTV.COM: Now, walk us through...


WOW. Two weeks ago we had all had it with Ben. How could a model not be into selling clothes or feel comfortable in garments other then what he himself really would wear? Boy has he done a total turnaround! He did a great job last week and an amazing job on Mathew's shoot and on the catwalk. I always thought that Ben had an amazing face, I just didn't know about his attitude and his stiffness.

If he can continue in this direction- continue to become a bit more lose and fluid, I think he will do really well. Ben really could book a range of different jobs like jeans, underwear, and fragrance and these are some of the most recognizable and high paying jobs.


I love her! I really do. She has such a beautiful face and such gorgeous skin and I would absolutely put her up for a beauty campaign. I believe her problem is her body. For weeeks I have been telling her about her posture -- which is just terrible. In addition, over the past couple of weeks she has definitely not been working out and it's important that a model be toned. I was very surprised when I saw her in lingerie.

The truth is that most of the "supermodels" (woman) of today are the household names and are quite often the Victoria Secret contract models (more commercial girls with great bodies). When Holly walks into a room I don't get STRONG, CONFIDENT WOMAN. This said - she gives one hundred percent and is a gorgeous girl. Being a "beauty" girl is certainly not a bad thing! There are not many gorgeous faces out there- and in this case, the gorgeous face is attached to a lovely person.


I would feel confident sending Perry up on just about any casting as I know he would give one hundred percent. You have no idea how many clients ask me to find young actors or models who don't really look like models but more like cool guys. Perry will be great for this spec.

Matthew's pictures of Perry were my favorite. He truly pulled off Mick Jagger or Tommy Lee on the cover of Rolling Stone. There was no semblance of Perry. The attitude was amazing. It was a hard thing to pull off but he did it perfectly.


I can't say enough good things about Ronnie. He really is a role model. And, although he has come such a long way as a model, I feel he will still be stereotyped as a bit of a cheesy modely Chicago market kind of guy. I still believe that if he really slimmed down it would help him a lot. He said he sprained his ankle which is really unfortunate because he is not toned at all and appears to be heavier then when he started 12 weeks ago.

He has really gotten so much better, and often, given the right styling he can pull off a less commercial look but that is the exception and not the rule.

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