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The Hardest One Yet

Aryn struggles after an amazing high the week before.

This weeks blog has been the hardest to write, by far. I would never have imagined that last weeks high would have been immediately followed by this weeks staggering low of being in the bottom three. Perhaps being in the bottom three would be easier if I could look back at the challenges and know that I hadn't tried my hardest.

Instead, I was given the most difficult personal challenges yet and I ventured completely out of my comfort zone, in an attempt to create chemistry with my partner. It's truly frustrating that I couldn't make the panel see how hard I worked and how much I poured into this weeks challenge. All I want is the opportunity to try again next week. However, despite the frustration and worry my position brings me, I find hope in the thought that this has happened for a purpose.

My personal journey to get here in my modeling career has been wrought with rejection and disappointment. But, without that rejection and disappointment I would have never had developed the perseverance or determination that helped bring me here, to the amazing opportunity of this show. If I have the opportunity to stay another week, which I wholeheartedly hope I do, my goal is to be more assertive in asking the right question of the experts and panel that could help me improve.

I love all of you back home, and I hope I have the opportunity to continue making each of you proud. Please help make me a supermodel!

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