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The Not-So-Good Pixie

Mountaha talks about candy and her go-see at Miss Sixty.

The photo shoot is about candy. Everyone is designated to a candy. I was the lavender pixie stick which is the not-so-good pixie stick. Salome and Gabriel were pixies. The day was really fun and by now everyone is a little more comfortable with one another and we are having more and more fun, even though we’re all in a competition. I felt really good about my picture when we got it back and actually had a thought that I could win the photo shoot but Jordan won and she chose me to go to the go-see, with her which was Miss Sixty — amazing I know. We both did great and it was great more for me because Jordan didn’t fit the shoes. I did and they loved my walk and I thought I could book but didn’t hear anything back. The runway the next day was couples and candy and fun-related. Chris and I were chosen to be a pair and work with props.  It was fun and I am super excited. I didn’t really want to work in pairs but had no choice. Chris was criticized on his walk, needed to be more masculine but I didn’t stay on stage. I was safe.

This week was an interesting one again. This whole candy idea was very cool and unique more for the shoot; the runway was a little weird but this is a competition and we’re going through tests so we have to be open to everything and anything and willing to do whatever comes our way. People are getting closer to each other and the little cliques are starting to be formed. I’m feeling very good about everything so far, but it’s been mostly fun. CJ complains a lot and that is starting to get on my nerves. She’s always whining about the super little things.  Whatever — I knew things like this were going to happen getting into this competition. We also had our makeovers this week. The one and only Tabatha came to our loft and looked at each one of us and said what would look the best. I was super thrilled that she suggested I go blonde and a little shorter on the side. Yay. Back to blonde — love it!! We went to Cutler in Soho and it was so fun. People were extra nice and CJ was hating on the fact she was going to be a brunette, but she doesn’t understand that Tabatha is a professional and knows what is best for this business for everyone here. Unfortunately Chris is a great guy but he was eliminated.

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