The Risks You Take

The Risks You Take

This model looks forward to an amazing journey.


I have imagined this journey in so many ways, yet nothing is remotely close. The photo shoot in Times Square was extremely thrilling, what an introduction! Tyson woke us up Friday morning with instructions to dress for a go-see. Yeah go-see..

It was a new beginning, new introduction, I ended up ridding of my winter coat - $200! It was luxury something I invested, something that I could live without.

The GQ party! I want to be one of the girls to get that spread. I have been practising my walk and eating healthy. And eating lots of carbs which I love! This week I have learned that you have to be careful of the risks you take stay true to yourself and give 150% of what you are asked of. Easier said than done. I am looking forward to a new me and learning what this business is all about. I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing journey.

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