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Thrift Store Junkie

Shannon dishes on attitudes and arrogance among the models.


This week was all about branding and owning the label that you are wearing by bringing it to life. Any good model should be able to do this, it seemed like our work was just being cut out for us, I was excited.

For our first assignment we typically have a photo shoot, but this week, we were making a video look book for Martne Gerbaud, and I've never done anything like this before. I've never made a commercial or acted professionally before. Since I was treading on new territory I was really excited, it was a new experience.

Once again, I got to roll around in bed with Ronnie which by now is a walk in the park. I also had an imaginary photo shoot with Perry. Both scenes were a lot of fun. Everyone seems to think that Perry and I hate each other. Although we're not chummy, we work well with each other. If I get good results with him, then I'd like to continue to work with him.


He's definitely cocky, in my opinion, but I just wish that everyone would move past it, because I don't care to argue with him about him. All I know is that I made 2 good films and Martne Gerbaud loved my work. In fact, they thought I represented the brand the best. Which was a wonderful thing to hear, and that certainly put a smile on my face.

The next day Jennifer surprised us early by telling us that we booked our first job, I was very excited because I wanted to work. All I want to do is continually work, so what ever the job was -- I wanted to nail it. We acted as brand ambassadors for Bloomingdale's, we modeled the clothes and at the same time got to interact with the customers.

So I had to be charming but not to aggressive, be subtle and get people's interest so as to not come off too pushy. I'm always irritated by people who throw themselves at you and don't give you any room to breathe. I like to come across as approachable and never theatrical or wild. It's nice if a customer can relate to you and not feel like you're a character. My tactic worked because the people at Bloomingdales thought I did a great job. The Catwalk didn't work out so well for me, although I got to wear some of the most beautiful clothes imaginable. Cory thought I didn't look so hot out there. I love vintage clothes, I'm actually a thrift store junkie and obsessed with finding one of a kind pieces. I really loved the outfits but he didn't think that I performed my best then I've just got to practice even more.

Usually they say that I do a great job on the catwalk. Despite having that one "down" for the week, I really had nothing but "ups" which make me happy. Although I still have more work to do. I made the top two along with along Holly who I'm very proud of. I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER SO I CAN ROCK WEEK 10.


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