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Time Has Flown

Jennifer learns as much for the models as they learn from her!

I can't believe it's week eight! The time has really flown by. I actually cannot get over how much I have learned! Models that I didn't think would overcome, have, and those that I thought that would, have not! I suppose we all have a big learning curve- hun? The moment that I stop learning is the moment that it all stops meaning anything.


Good photo shoot and a decent catwalk. It certainly all made sense after Tyson asked him if he thought he was sexy and he responded no. That's a big problem. One doesn't have to be egotistical but one absolutely must believe in them self. How can you project what you don't feel? Tyson really hit it on the head!


How beautiful is this person? That said, I don't think Casey is showing us that he can be a model. It's one look - and outside of that look, he's very uncomfortable. Unless he can change this in the next few weeks, I think he should be himself and make beautiful music that will touch us all in a very special way.


I think Frankie could be a successful model, but I am not sure it's going to happen given the time frame we are working with. It was a bad week for him. I know he can do better. I didn't understand why he didn't rock that suit on the catwalk. He had no attitude whatsoever and was actually boring. He could have pulled off mod easily, especially with his new haircut. Perhaps being sent home from the shoot messed with his head, but he actually thought he did really great which concerned me.


I don't think there could have been anyone who looked at this girl in the beginning and didn't think she was beautiful or could be a model. But it takes more then beauty to make it in this business. I wonder if Holly is too timid. You need to have a voice and you need to let your personality come through. Let me say it now- I could never do what these kids do! My skin is not thick enough! I am a pisces. This industry quite often is very tough. if rejection is too much for you, this is not the right place to be. Holly is getting tougher, but I'm not sure it's enough. If she thought the Miami market was difficult, I would be afraid for her in New York, Milan, and Paris.


He did a great job on his photo shoot and despite what the other panel members thought, I think he did well on the catwalk as well. He absolutely did tone it down a bit and perhaps this wasn't the catwalk to do it on as Ben Sherman's suites require a bit of arrogance and pride, but we were the ones to instruct him last week that he needed to do so.


I have been saying for weeks how hard it is for a commercial guy to pull off anything else but smiles. By far Ronnie did the best on the catwalk this week. He sold that suit better then anyone else! He had attitude and wore it with pride. This man listens and learns. He wants to win this competition very badly and his approach to everything is something we can all learn from.


What can I say? I have never met a more professional and determined person. It is not very easy to do high fashion and runway well and also look amazing on a catalogue/ lifestyle shoot.

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