Tiny Swimwear

Tiny Swimwear

Aryn conquers her fears, and gets one step closer to her goal.


This first week has been the most amazing challenge of my life! I could never have anticipated how much this entire experience would test my will power, determination, and drive to achieve my ultimate goal - to be The Supermodel!

Already, this journey has been such a roller coaster of emotions and a real chance for me to even understand myself better.

I am so proud of myself for braving the cold in Times Square and turning out a picture that the panel liked, for conquering my fear of falling on the catwalk for being one of the biggest girls and still walking with all the confidence I could in tiny swimwear, but ultimately for opening myself up emotionally to the panel and all of America.

Each hour, it seems I want to win even more. Each assignment and challenge makes me want to push myself even further. My goal for this next week is to really stand out to the panel and prove that there is nothing "boring" about Aryn!


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