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Today I Woke Up

Casey has an intense, and exciting, realization.


Today I woke up and it hit me -- I want to be a supermodel.

I have been floating through this competition saying to myself, "I want to win this..." But now, I want to be a supermodel so bad I can taste it. I believe a supermodel is more than just a model -- a supermodel is an ambassador for the modeling profession. A supermodel can do everything from acting and writing to producing.


I remember when I was younger, all I would do is write and act. However whenever somebody would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up -- it would either be an actor or a rock star, but either way it would be something in media or entertainment, something I could express myself creatively for and being a supermodel would embody all of that.

This week was so much fun. Doing a video look book was so hard but the end result made it all worth while I had a great time being an ambassador for Bloomingdales.


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