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Where to Start?

Ronnie's feeling a little overwhelmed by this week's action.

Dear Supermodel Gods that be,

Where to start this week's summary of events?

So much has happened and I feel with each day my eyes open wider and reality sinks in; this is not a dream that I am going to wake up from, but rather a dream come true. This week's challenge was all about finding "chemistry" with a partner and conveying believable emotions and connections in our pictures and on the catwalk. My partner in crime for the challenge was Shannon. Our photographer, Diana Scheunamann, paired us up based on a casting assignment and who she thought would have the most chemistry. Working with Shannon was a real pleasure and she taught me that I could kiss a girl without throwing up, contrary to past experiences.

It has taken me a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and to understand my sexual orientation, but this week challenged me not to live within labels - those I place on myself or those that others choose to place on me.

I am sore in a good way from working out with Clay and I am definitely noticing the changes in my body. We made phone calls home this week and it was great to hear a familiar voice. My mom has been my rock and simply talking with her for a few minutes was calming and strengthened my confidence. I miss my 4+1 Productions peeps back home and know that they are working hard and cheering me on; they have taught me so much and have added more value to my life than they realize. Well, I have survived another week and remain true to my goal of staying out of the bottom three. My next goal is to win a challenge.... Watch what happens!

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