14 Again

14 Again

Jonathan gives his take on working with CJ.

3rd Photo Shoot
Picked up in the morning by a school bus! Felt like I was 14 again: same old story … where do I sit? Cool kids are still always at the back!

We arrived at Huntley NJ to a football field where we could see a weird metal contraption with wires. We were shooting with Justin whilst dressed in various sports gear outfits being launched into the air on harnesses and wires: AWESOME!

I was with CJ and Gabriel in my group. I think CJ found it a bit tough to loosen up fully, but we all had fun.

3rd Runway
Following the sports theme, our runway included beautiful flesh-exposed outfits with intricate wire structures over our shoulders like football pads. We had to do a regular runway walk with the addition of a sports pose at the end of the runway for the judges.

My pose as I got to the end was that of a bowler bowling a ball in cricket and the judges really liked it!

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