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"A" for Effort

Jordan describes her disappointment with the Helly challenge and her subsequent elimination.

My exhaustion from last week has poured into this week. I tried to keep my head high after last week’s slap in the face. I still feel strong in this competition because I know there are still weak links in the house. I just have to fight through this mess and show the judges that I can be a supermodel. I was off to a rough start this week, but I had to suck it up and prepare myself for this shoot. For this shoot, we end up on a rooftop to discover our next challenge: a shoot for Rowdy clothes campaign. We find out that we’d be doing single and group shots and we’d be changing outfits throughout the day. We had to work extra hard, because not everyone was guaranteed a picture. What a stressful shoot. The guys had a huge advantage because by the time the girls were finally finished with hair and makeup, the guys had already been shooting and were already changing into their third and fourth looks.  I know it’s like this in the real world, but this is still a competition, and every little detail could send you home. Lucky for the girls, we had a topless shoot, which I figured would guarantee us at least one shot. Sure enough, I got three shots, two of which were the topless shots. I liked my pictures, but for some reason, I still felt a little nervous. Once again, I knew I’d have to redeem myself on the catwalk.

So it’s another elimination. I thought the catwalk would be a normal one, but surprise surprise, it was quite the opposite. We find out that instead of walking down the catwalk, we’d be skating on shoes called Heelys. Everyone seemed so excited about it except for me. I thought I was taking crazy pills. Was I the only one who thought this was absolutely ridiculous? This late in the competition is when we need to do normal walks. I’m so sick of terrible walkers sliding through the competition undetected because half the time we aren’t even judged on our walks.  So once again, Branden gets a get out of jail-free card because after practicing, he was one of the few that was very skilled on the Heelys. I felt so stupid. I thought these would be easy, but they weren’t. I didn’t have a lot of time to practice, but I tried to practice every chance I got. I was getting so close to taking the wheels out and just walking, but I thought I’d instantly go home for it. I knew I’d have to at least try to skate, even if I looked stupid. I couldn’t give up.  After the catwalk was all said and done, I ended up looking so stupid, and the judges told me I should have just taken the wheels out. So much for "A" for effort. I was totally ripped apart this week. Even Nicole felt is necessary to throw me under the bus. I was really caught off-guard this week. I didn’t know what to say or do. Nicole got on me about personal stuff, and the judges acted like this was the 10th time they’ve told me to change something, and that this was the last straw. I was genuinely confused. For the first time here, I was speechless. When I found out I was going home, I was in complete shock. I thought I wasn’t going to get emotional, but to my surprise, I did. I was sad to leave the house and leave all the friends I made. I didn’t really learn how to skate in time.   told myself I couldn’t leave bitter but after being ripped apart by everyone and after the personal comments were made, it was hard not to leave bitter.  But this is the choice I made, and I had to go at some point. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I feel like I did the best I could, and I stayed true to myself. I hope I got to see and work with everyone I met here. I loved it.

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