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A Happy Ending

Mountaha describes this week's fishy challenge.


Coney Island: that’s our destination for this week’s photo shoot. It’s freezing cold and it’s worse cause we’re by the water. Yikes. Of course we’ve been waiting for a beach shoot in our bathing suit and dead fish, couldn’t be so easy.

Salome and I first get dressed in two-piece suits but Nicole comes in and asks stylists to change me. My suit looks too Miami and it’s gold. I’m glad I changed. I’m focusing on my body, stretching, and trying to zone out everything. To be able to pose and do my best. Even though I have immunity I wanna rock it. Somehow I totally focus on the camera and don’t even notice how f--king cold it was. I didn’t have much time with the photographer – losing light, but I’m confident that I did a great job and love the experience. So f--king insane; I had a necklace it was huge. Energy levels are high.  alome wins the shoot the next day but I definitely love my pic the best. Her butt is all you see in her pic, which looks hot. Pic is great! But judges might criticize her. 

Catwalk – we have the “blondes.” Known for their insane works of art with corsets and diamonds. All super 1960s Hollywood glamour! Pretty awesome. We all wear blonde wigs and we have two walks, two outfits. More like a real show feeling, loved the looks, first glamorous, extra 2nd I had a corset with feathers, all around wow. It had a Victoria’s Secret feel. Love it. Judges looooove my pic the best and walk is great. I had immunity so I was safe. Salome is criticized on her walk again and her pic. At least she’s been trying!! Branden and Salome are in the bottom two and Salome is sent home. She takes it really well. She’s just happy to be here.  So I guess that was a happy ending in some or another.

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