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A Slap in the Face

Jordan describes her first week getting negative criticism.

After the last elimination, I am so mentally and physically exhausted. For some reason, I just feel like I’m in space. I can’t get my thoughts together, and everything seems to annoy me more than usual. Getting up for this next shoot was very tough. So we get to the studio for our shoot and the first thing we do is pick my accessory from a table. The first thing I wanted was a big white bag. I was thinking of so many cool things that I could do with a bag. I wanted something that I could move around with. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do a purse ad. After we all picked our items, we found out this was a nude shoot. I was pretty excited because I had this giant bag to work with, but then I realized half my ideas went out the window because now I had to keep the bag close to my body. When I finally went in to do the shoot, being naked was the least of my worries — it was figuring out what to do with this bag that worried me.  Lucky for me, the first picture that the photographer took was the shot. Although we started out on the right foot, this shoot was pretty difficult. It was surprisingly hard to pose with this bag.  Plus, the bag looked ugly half the time, and wouldn’t sit right. There were a lot of issues with this shoot, but I still left feeling good about it. When Nicole brought our books the next day, I opened mine and saw the first shot. I was really excited to see that picture there. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the shoot, but I did get to go on the go-see with Salome. It was a nice change, getting out of the house and away from everyone.

Come elimination day, there is a twist to the catwalk again. We got to walk the catwalk with a giant bowl of butterflies on our heads. This was such a hard catwalk because I was in pain everywhere. My shoes were two sizes too small, and the bowl on my head was cutting into my shoulders and collar bone. I was just hoping the judges didn’t see the pain in my face. Unfortunately, they noticed … kind of. This week was the first time I really got bad criticism. It was terrible! The judges really hated my picture, but luckily my walk wasn’t terrible. So this week was a slap in the face, but I narrowly escaped being in the bottom. Whew!

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