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Advise Me!

Shawn is happy he hasn't been eliminated, but he wants some advice.

3rd Shoot!!!!!
We were all woken up early and told to load a school bus. I figured we were going to go to a school. We were dropped off at a football field. We all walked to the middle of the field to meet Tyson and Nicole. We were told that we would be working in teams. I honestly wasn’t happy at first. The photographer put us in groups. I was paired with Salome and Mountaha; they are both amazing girls. Our shoot was a football theme. We were all put in harnesses and suspended into the air. I didn’t really performe that well. Salome and I kept hitting each other in the air. I think our picture is the weakest of the group. I mean really, I looked akward. I am not ready to go home. I am going to have to really improve on the catwalk, to prove I have what it takes to remain in the competition.

3rd Runway
We were taken to meet Tyson and Nicole to hear how we were to walk for our runway challenge. They started out telling us we would be walking individually with an Olympic theme.  We were told to pose as an athlete at the end of the runway. I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. As we were taken back to wardrobe I figured out there was a twist. I noticed these weird shoulder pieces. As we all got fitted they attached them to my body. I was also given elbow bads, up until I received my elbow pads I didn’t know what I was going to do. I thought of kung fu (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.) I had a great walk and at the end of the runway I crouched down then crossed with my elbow.  felt very confident about my walk and pose. But I was still worried about my photo. As we lined up to see who was safe I really thought I was going to be in the bottom. I was so surprised to hear that I was safe for the third week in a row.  Don’t get me wrong — I was so grateful, but I still haven’t gotten any advice from the judges. I felt OK about my performance in all, but really unsure of what the judges thought of me. So there were a few people who have been in the bottom or top twice, within the three weeks.  Whether good or bad they still received feedback and new where to improve. I really want to hear where I need to improve??? Here we are three weeks in the competition and I haven’t been given any advice.

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