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All Up in My Business

Jonathan describes getting naked for the camera and sharing headspace with butterflies.

9TH PHOTO SHOOT - Let's Get Naked!

Arriving at an undisclosed location we met T & N in front of a table of accessories, hats, scarves, earrings, etc. We were told to make a mad dash for the table to choose our weapon of choice.

I picked a rather dashing Diesel scarf. Next was the outfit … sweet f--k all! We were going to be adorning my favorite suit of all — my birthday suit. That’s right, folks, in the buff, naked, whatever you want to call it.

Hair and makeup done, I proceeded to the set where there were a lot more people than I expected. Around 20 or so. 

After some good advice from Tyson, I dropped my robe and got started. It actually wasn’t too embarrassing as no one really seemed to care I was naked. Next day got our books back and I was really pleased with the photo.

P.S. Branden cut his nut sack while shaving his privates.

9TH RUNWAY – Butterflies

Nicole struts up the catwalk with what looks like a giant goldfish bowl on her head!

This week’s catwalk is going to be an off one. So the trick is to walk a regular walk as if the globe thing was not there — a difficult feat after discovering that the globe ain’t that light.  Practice walk went pretty well but definite room for improvement!

But there’s a twist … our heads will not be the only thing in the globes. Butterflies will be our fashion accessory.

Could be worse. I’m not scared of them, but all up in my business might be distracting.

Walk went well, didn’t seem too distracted, except one butterfly tried to investigate the inside of my mouth.

Judges liked my walk and photo, so it turned out to be a good week. Poor sweet Amanda got her marching orders and got sent home.

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