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America's Choice

Karen explains what it was like winning the online vote.

My very first experience of Make Me a Supermodel Season 2 began at the casting special. I didn't know what to expect, and unsure if America wanted to make me a part of the show. When Cory advised the America's Vote people to step forward, my heart started beating out of my chest. I had all these feelings bottled into one — excitement, anxious, nervous, and overjoyed. Tyson called my name and my eyes popped out of my head, then he paused and said, "Karen, America has voted you in the house." I felt relieved and privileged that I was going to be a part of this journey.

Our very first photo shoot was inside a transparent box hung high in the air. We were paired with another model and I chose Shaun. I thought Shawn had an exotic look, and a photo with us both would be a nice look. I had never done a photo shoot with anyone before, so I was ready for the new experience. Working with Shawn was pleasant, because he seemed as driven as I was to be the best in the competition. Tyson also gave me a comment at the photo shoot that I always look mean. And I am not trying to look mean. I am always trying to think of what my next move will be so I took a mental note of that.

My competition (other models) look pretty decent. There is a great mixture of diverse looks. No one stands out to me, as far as looking like they will thrive in the competition or completely fail. I will soon see.

After the photo shoot we are excited to learn that our next stop will be at our loft in Brooklyn. I am hoping for a hot tub and some red wine. I am not sure who I want to room with quite yet because everyone seems nice.So we finally make it to the loft, and the place is so nice. The decoration on the walls and the carpet coloring is so welcoming. There was no hot tub, but I will make it work. Laury asked me to room with her, and it ends up being Colin, Chris, Laury, and I in a room. We have our own bathroom and are stoked.

The next day we have our runway show and I am a little nervous because I don't have much runway experience. We do a practice round with Tyson and Nicole and I completely freeze up. The weakest walkers were me, CJ, and Kerryn. Colin was weak on the boys' side. After the practice I was ready to impress the judges. I knew I had to do better come showtime.

Getting ready for the first catwalk was so exciting. I love getting my hair and make up done. I love the preparation and practice for the show.

The first show was very fascinating. I performed well. I loved my look and my final walk for the judges. Ken ended up getting booted off, and I actually think he wanted to leave.

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