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Attitude is Important

Colin describes his erotic moment and why CJ went home.

Tyson banging on a pan and a giant military truck. Not how I wanted my week to start. Walking out of our apartment building and seeing the truck, I figured, ya know, OK, military-themed shoot, we get it, now put us in some vans and take us there.


Let me paint you a picture. Me: freezing in the back of an open truck with every pothole in Brooklyn bouncing me into the air and having me wonder if I would be flung overboard.

When we arrived at the USS New Jersey, any doubts that I had about this being a military themed shoot (which … I guess … were none. They weren’t too subtle this week) were gone.  My first thought was, “Well … maybe my stiffness in front of the camera will be good for a solo upright army dude photo.” Yeah, I was way off. A sexy tryst? Comfort zone be damned! Hearing that I was working with Salome and Laury led me breathe a sigh of relief. Not only do I like them both personally, but I’ve had some pretty frank sexual discussions with them. It’s nice to have a somewhat erotic shoot with two girls I can be open with. I feel like they would quell any potential nerves I would have.

Wait, no. What am I talking about? After thinking a little more I take back the end of that last paragraph. I honestly don’t think this kind of shoot would make me nervous with anyone. As long as the girls don’t start talking about a long term relationship during our intimate moment, I think I’ll be fine (JK … kinda). With that being said however, Laury and Salome will just be fun to work with.

I’m happy with my wardrobe this week. I look … in control. I liked the shades they initially had me wearing, but I understand why they weren’t on in the shoot. But a note to aviator makers everywhere: Think of me when you’re booking your next campaign.

The actual shoot was a lot of fun. It took a little time for us to get the right pace and body angles for the shoot, but once we got it, I felt like we were getting good shots.

When Nicole arrived the next day and showed us our shot I was happy. Initially, it was a selfish kind of happy and I breathed a sigh of relief. Our picture is pretty dark, but at least I’m visible.  Upon further reflection, I concluded that even though some details of Salome and Laury were lost in the dark there is still a lot of chemistry in our picture. Hopefully we got the point of the shoot across even without total visibility.

For our rule breaking catwalk, there was some conservative gender bending: men in long skirts and women in suits. Honestly, I was expecting worse.

Anyhoo … after a few questions (that our group answered pretty gracefully), our threesome was dismissed from the stage. It feels so good.

XOXO, Colin

Oh, I should probably talk a little more about the elimination. CJ is gone. She’s a pretty girl, but her attitude was incongruent with what we need to do. Is incongruent the right word? Regardless, the lesson has been taught to CJ, but everyone has learned: Attitude is important.  The mentors weren’t lying when they said it was factored into who gets eliminated.

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