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Beauty Shot

Salome reacts to her competitors' criticism.

Colin's gone ... and now there is only 7. I wake up and miss Colin eating lean crunchy Granola and yogurt. I'm feverish and aching today. My head is pounding and I ache from working out too!

We are having a shoot focused on the little things. I think jewelry and swimsuits or beauty shots. I need a beauty shot for my books. We take the subway to a studio in Williamsburg. We meet up with Tyson and Nicole. They are standing in front of a table of accessories and a couple racks of garment bags. Hm. We have 30 seconds to pick our accessory. In a mad rush, I get earrings because I need a beauty shot.

Hey there is a new little twist: it's naked! A full body naked shot with only the accessory. What are my parents gong to say is the most concerning thing to me! Bill our photog says nudity is about being comfortable with your body, catching people's eyes, and then drawing the focus to the accessory. I'm nervous but excited to have a picture like this for my book.

We change into robes and slippers so we won't have marks on our bodies and go into makeup. Somehow a piece of my earring fell off. The stylist and I look around and finally after five long minutes I found it on the floor. Scary. Because of lack of communication between higher powers I get an 80s hairstyle and very commercial smoky eyes. I'm immediately after the boys and so I'm the first girl to get shot.

Nicole takes one look and says "What do you think of your hair?" I say "kinda 80s but I can work it." The photographer doesn't think its his vision either and thinks it's dated! I'm so happy I didn't think it was the best look for me.

The photographer comes out and asks for changes on our hair and makeup. So Amanda goes in first. She comes out saying it was AMAZING ... like she says every time.

My turn ... I go in and the look is approved. I strip butt naked and start imagining I have clothes on. Nicole asks me what my mom would think. I say I have to mentally block that out or I will suck!

The photographer Bill thinks my butt is nice. Thank god he doesn't seem perverted at all. I'm surprisingly comfortable naked in front of a camera. The hardest part is looking natural covering the pink parts.

Nicole makes the comment to always keep your eyes looking the way your nose is pointed! I will use this advice forever!

As I was leaving she said i was exciting to the photographer and that's a good thing. I have to win this! I want big butt gal to win.

I wake up around 8 a.m.. It feels great to sleep in. Nicole comes early today and she almost gets people out of bed. I'm antsy to see my nudey shot. I open my book and I see the picture. it is a beauty shot! The picture is perfectly balanced and my body is thin and it is selling those earrings. I really do love this naked picture. Nicole tells Mountaha her picture is her favorite and she asked for a black and white picture to hang in her place. Sandhursts's is perfectly balanced. Jordan's first shot is the one that Bill picked. WHO is gonna win? Branden answers the phone and Cory wants to talk tooo ... Salome! I scream. I wish I was quieter but it just popped out!

I get to go to Vitra, a furniture company that is all over the world based out of Switzerland. I pick Jordan. I want to book this so badly. We are SOO relieved to get out of the house if nothing else, to get to look at anyone other than my competitors. We sign in. There are a variety of other models. Black, white, boys, men, girls, thin, heavy ...

Nigel Scott Williams is the creative director. He tells us about the furniture and then we have an on the spot test shoot on three pieces of furniture. James the photographer wants lots of shapes. I definitely give lots of variation. We discuss people in the house and how they are getting on our nerves. We are missing talking to people we can trust and really know. I miss Dinah my sister and Terry my boyfriend almost till it hurts.

I need to vent. How much longer can I wait till I blow?! Just a couple more weeks I can do it.
When we walk in, Sandhurst, Jonathan and Amanda are obviously having a deep discussion in the living room. We tell them about our go see. I go get ready to go to the gym. Mountaha just got out of the shower. I ask her if any drama went on. She tells me that yes it was about me. What now!

They say it's unfair because my picture is the only picture that doesn't have butt in it, when my butt is my problem spot. It just seems too lucky for me. They feel they see my butt too much ... because my closet is near the living room instead of in a room. So I get worked up. Maybe I will blow sooner than I thought I would! Drama, drama. I hear the door bell. It's cory with a measuring tape. So after we get settled in the living room I ask the people what they thought about me having a beauty shot. It's not my fault I got lucky. It's not fair but they are knocking me for it. My turn to get measured. Another inch in the boobs and everything else is about the same. What is wrong! HELP! Cory senses the tension and suggests maybe they are overanalyzing because I won. I need to focus on my real issues and quit worrying about DRAMA.

We are allowed our second 10 minute phone call. I call Dinah for the first time since here. She screams ... (It runs in the family). I miss my sister and family. I have so much to say I don't know what to say. I am just relieved to hear a familiar voice! Then i call Terry (boyfriend). Goodness it makes me almost crazy not being able to see and touch him. I can't wait to win and go home and have freedom again.

This competition makes me look at everything in a new and more appreciative light! Catwalk this week is about the details. We are living pieces of art. We are have clear plastic bulbs about 24 inches across. They are slightly heaving and you can't hear anything but my own wheels in my mind turning pretty much. Slightly claustrophobic and painful. I need to not walk with my feet crossed over ... and glide. Oh and our heads aren't gonna be the only thing in the globe. There is gonna be something in it with us! Our outfits are neon skintight outfits and our faces are painted and butterflies are our accessories.

As soon as I put my head in, butterflies land on my eyes, ear and mouth. It itches and you can't scratch. It starts getting steamy and I start feeling my mind start psyching myself out. The runway is a blur. I don't know what the judges will say now. I don't feel good about it. The judges start with Amanda. Excuses, excuses, excuses again. I was smirking and Mountaha was rolling her eyes and smirking because they wanted to know what was so funny. She said she was fine and didn't have anything to say. So they asked me. I said what everyone was thinking. "When you look at a picture you don't hear all the excuses." Oh God! Why did I say anything? I should let them make the judgment.

Jenny said "So you don't think she should answer our questions?" How do I be honest and not hurt people? "It would be more interesting to hear what ya'll had to say." She should listen and soak up their critique instead of making excuses! That is the only way we can learn. Amanda is forgettable.

Jonathan did good not great, needs more expression.

Jordan needs to wow them like she did at the beginning. They feel like she isn't standing out. They thought her picture was her hiding behind the purse.

Branden has faded and needs to stop bouncing.

Salome's walk sucked, the pose was awful ... Marlon and Perou liked my picture. Jenny and Catherine thought it needed more wow factor. I was not up to their expectation this week. I need to get in shape. I need to listen to the photographer even more and not move so fast. Sandhurst's walk was too fast and needs more expression in the eyes.

Mountaha had a great walk. They wished for more in the picture.

We all did NOT make them think Supermodel. It was disappointing for them. It is ANYBODY'S game now they said.

Who is going home? Amanda goes home because she is forgettable. We need to be remembered long after people see you to be a Supermodel.

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