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"CJ is So Hot"

Branden talks about his first day and his model crush.

First of all being accepted into the house and having this lifetime opportunity is amazing. I’m so privileged to be here with the 16 beautiful individuals that I get to share this house with. By the way this house is incredible. I’ve never seen such an artistic house that is so big. Other than that today we had a really crazy experience. We had to hang up in the air in a box with a partner and strike some poses. I got to be partnered with Chris which was a challenge because I’ve never done a gay shoot before. It was a true experience to have and it was awesome to meet Nicole for the first time. She is beautiful.

It was so cool to see our photos for the first time. I think mine and Chris’ photo turned out really great, and I’m glad to see we worked out really well with each other. Other than that I had a really painful experience today! We got waxed! It hurt. But after it I was kind of pleased because my skin is so smooth!

Today was our first catwalk and it was really fun! We got to wear some high fashion clothes which was really sa-weet! I really felt my walk was great. I felt really confident in the clothes.  By the way I think CJ is so hot. Something about her makes me feel good inside. Now it’s the first elimination and I was pretty scared to tell the truth but I ended up being safe from the elimination (yes!) But now its time for bed so goodnight!

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