"Colin Had the Best Picture"

"Colin Had the Best Picture"

Salome discusses Colin's elimination.

We wake up to a clue on the computer saying something about not being able to talk the same language as our partner.

Maybe it's models from another country. As we drive I see signs for art galleries or maybe it's animals. Amanda says something about monkeys in NYC in the country? We aren't in Costa Rica. Suddenly we see signs for stables. I could dance right now! No dancing sports or underwater craziness. I actually know what a horse is! It's my favorite animal.

We walk up to a fenced in corral. Today I'm shooting with a steer not a horse. I find out it's very chill and you just need to be calm and work with it, not against it. I enjoy the shot and I love working with animals. I feel so comfortable. This is the easiest shoot yet for me. Today is a great day!

Sandhurst wins the shoot. Colin had the best picture.

Runway is based on country regal. We are wearing boots, plaid, amazing clothes. Thankful for a real runway. The guest judge says Colin is the most beautiful person here. Jonathan is money. Colin goes home. I miss Colin but I won't miss Branden playing the same song literally 25 times a day on Colin's guitar.

My body is so sore I can hardly walk from working out two times a day!

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