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Mountaha talks about the problems she faced working with her calf.

We’ve been driving for about two hours and finally arrive to this ranch uptown somewhere, Connecticut maybe. Well yes we’re having an animal shoot, each one of us with a different animal that the photographer will choose. I want the horse but if not it’s cool. I had a blast at wardrobe with the stylist — super cool, young, and fun. Love my outfit and they are all saying Yahaa Mountaha. Hahaha … I ended up with a calf, yeah. Baby cow. It was fun, but a bit challenging. The calf was two days old and didn’t really wanna stay still. It just feels so good being out in the country breathing super fresh air, relaxing away from the craziness! What an amazing day, coldish, hot chocolate, animal smell, poop smell but so natural. I love nature!  Sandhurst wins the shoot. He totally picks up the calf and was much more relaxed. After I went through my craziness! He picks Branden. They have a go-see at Buffalo jeans. It’s nice to relax at home, analyze our pics, laugh.

The catwalk is country regal, totally cool super Princess Diana style. I have these knee-high boots and this boyish look with a hat that's totally me — I love it. All I have in mind is regal, Princess Di, wealth, and I rock the catwalk. We have a guest today. Harry is super bigtime in this business, Gisele’s hair stylist. And he loves my look and my walk. Woohoo! Ah it feels so good to be recognized. They said that the only bad thing about me is my fingers, how it’s too weird. I have to always pay attention to all the little details to become better. I’m a moidel and I love always learning about myself and about modeling. I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to see myself everywhere and inspire people and help people. Sadly enough, Colin went home because of his walk. He’ll be missed! So adorable and like judges have said, he has an amazing face. So he’s gotta walk and walk and he’ll be fine!

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